The Peculiar Pretzelmen on CBS Man Cave Daily

CBS Man Cave Daily features The Peculiar Pretzelmen as a Dark Cabaret band that you should be listening to. Catch them at Columbia City Theater in Seattle on Nov. 1st for La Petite Mort’s Dark Cabaret.

Tickets here: general admission $23, VIP tables $150 (sold out).

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Dimestore Saints reviews Field Division’s debut EP Reverie State

Dimestore Saints reviews Field Division’s debut EP Reverie State and designates the release “Best New Music.”

while “faultlines” explores the pastoral realm of field division’s sound, its immediate successor is much darker and more sinister in instrumentation, a subterranean bass line more so felt than heard holding the track together. combined with taylor’s soaring vocal melody throughout the chorus and frampton’s spacious, rolled guitar chords, “of lives we’ve never known” finds the duo quickly flexing an equally-impressive dream-pop muscle…reverie state is a concise package that showcases a young project of seasoned musicians with a bright future.

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