VIDEO PREMIERE: Impose premieres Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer”

Impose premieres Karen Meat & the Players‘ new video for “Pizza & Beer” from their debut cassette Karen Meat & the Computer (Red Nude Tapes):

Karen Meat and her crew of Players and Computers provide the minimalist audio, and visuals for the “Pizza & Beer” video that involves a mess of PBRs, Miller Lites, Budweisers, and delivery pizza, and a predominately fixed camera on a tripod. The self-aware states of eating too much, and drinking too much are explained in a kind of honesty heard in the manner of west coast style indie girl rock that can be heard from the Southern California coasts, through the Bay Area circuits, and to the north left scenes of Seattle. The song on the surface has a catchy and funny mode while there is an autonomous statement that lies beneath the slacker-like minimalism. The law tables of attraction and affection are overturned with an autonomy mission that says ‘take me as I am’ in the lyrical, and conceptual subtext, heard loud and clear by the final tongue in cheek line,”I’ll get really thin, maybe you’ll like me then”.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Exclaim! premieres Annalibera’s debut album ‘Nevermind I Love You’

Exclaim! has the exclusive full stream of Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on March 24th.

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Pop Matters reviews Christian Lee Hutson’s album ‘Yeah Okay, I Know’

Pop Matters reviews Christian Lee Hutson‘s sophomore full-length Yeah Okay, I Know, out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats on Trailer Fire Records.

A quiet confidence exudes from Hutson’s grit-tinged vocal as he handles the miniature journey crafted by the rollicking folk-influenced opener…In the two years since his debut album, he has become more relaxed in his skin as an artist…The album has shown remarkable growth for Hutson, especially in the line of production and crafting his own muted instrumental atmosphere.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: CMJ premieres Field Division video “Faultlines”

CMJ premieres the video for Field Division’s first single “Faultlines,” praising the duo’s “organic, soft-stomp folk.”

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Tele Novella on the cover of Submerge Magazine

Submerge Magazine interviews Tele Novella and features the band on the cover of this bi-weekly issue!

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VIDEO PREMIERE: USA Today premieres The River Monks video “Beasts”

USA Today interviewed The River Monks about their new video “Beasts,” the first single from their forthcoming album Home Is The House, out on May 20th. Check out the premiere here!

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Seattle Halloween event: Morbid Curiositease Unholy Masquerade

Morbid Curiositease Unholy Masquerade, featuring burlesque, live music & variety, is coming to Atelier Coffee Company Ltd. on Halloween!

Morbid Curiositease presents An Unholy Masquerade
Saturday, October 31st
Atelier Coffee Company Ltd.
5813 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108 / (206) 420-3037
8pm / 21+ / $39.00

Event info:

Join us for an intimate Masquerade Ball. It’s Halloween, and who else to throw an amazing party than the purveyors of the macabrest of art?

Headlining the night: The Peculiar Pretzelmen, from the City of Angels, will be playing alongside our phenomenal performers, closing out their national tour in celebration of their new album Who Brought The Serpents Down. Additional music will be provided by Kvetch Pistols and DJ CONFIDENTIAL.

The Grande Mistress of Gothic Charms – La Petite Mort

Performances by:
Salacious Siren – The Shanghai Pearl
Spherical Schemer – Nickolai Pirak
Dancing Damsel – Violet Tendencies
Magical Miscreant – Just Sage
Lascivious Lady – Czech Mate
Sultry Songbird – Little Bear The Bearded Lady
Charming Cellist – Signore Jesse Parce

Eight to Midnight @ Atelier in Georgetown

8pm – 9pm: Cocktail hour with the Kvetch Pistols
9pm – 11pm: Live music, burlesque and ambient performances
11pm – Midnight: Special guest DJ


Tickets are very limited.

The Music Enthusiast reviews Pageant’s new single

The Music Enthusiast reviews Pageant’s new single “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment),” the first single from their forthcoming EP Endless Sun:

“Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” is a much more intricate number, blurring the lines of their usual genre classification…It has a very grand sound about it, the percussion being key in achieving that, ebbing and flowing, the more powerful beats helping accent many of the lyrics; while the subtle but still noticeable use of violins are another thing that’s crucial to the songs beauty. The semi-symphonic style mixes well with the more bold sounding guitars and rhythm section…it’s a gorgeous song.

No Country For New Nashville previews Christian Lee Hutson show

No Country For New Nashville‘s Philip Obenschain on why you shouldn’t miss Christian Lee Hutson’s show:

With a touring schedule that can only be described as relentless and cruel and a burgeoning catalogue of soul-shatteringly beautiful songs, Christian Lee Hutson, at the (not so) tender age of 25, is by far one of the most compelling young voices in the Americana music scene. The tone of Hutson’s songs in his releases to date (debut LP The Hell With It and 2012’s Will Never Break Up) really is remarkably complex. Endearingly sincere one moment and self-deprecatingly dismissive the next, they read like a whole human laid before you, all mangled and beautiful in the same breath. This is a person about whom Sean Moeller has said, “He will change you. Go see him tonight.” With a mid-summer move to New York, a shiny new backing band and two (rumored) completed albums waiting in the wings, now seems like a perfect time to let Christian Lee Hutson change you.

OVRLD premieres Justin Fallen & The Angels’ music video for “Rock and Roll Kids”

Ovrld premieres Justin Fallen and the Angels’ music video for “Rock & Roll Kids,” from the new EP The Rock & Roll Kids! Check out the video, shot by Dustin Eastes and edited by 8th & Nyle:

As sad as it was to see Matt Simon and Phil Ajjarapu’s Eastern Sun Studios close down earlier this year, the blow is softened by the fact that the last album recorded there is also one of the finest. Justin Fallen and the Angels’ Rock & Roll Kids EP is a Sally Can’t Dance-esque throwback, full of the vintage tone and fuzzy personality that made Eastern Sun’s catalog so special.

Pageant single “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” premieres on GroundSounds

Pageant premieres their first single from their forthcoming Endless Sun EP on GroundSounds. Pageant’s Derek Porter had this to say about writing “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)”:

I wrote the song “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)” after ending a relationship and reflecting on what I wanted from a partner. Many people who hear the song think it’s about this ideal love I was experiencing, but truthfully it’s about what I wished I could have experienced. I considered what I’d learned in the past and how I wanted to apply that to my future. The second verse epitomizes that – ‘Repetition’s taught me love / is a balance beam we walk.’ So to me, the song is very melancholy, although I can see how it could be taken the other way. In a way, I really enjoy that dual perception and I understand that, depending on how you’re feeling, you could see it as an honest love song or an ironic break up song.