The Deli Magazine NYC features Frogbelly and Symphony

The Deli Magazine NYC features Frogbelly and Symphony and “Invite to Eternity” from their debut album Blue Bright Ow Sleep, out now on Labelship UK. Check out their tour dates, as they head across the pond for shows in the UK.

With their sound and attitude at times reminiscent of great ’90s UK band Tindersticks (whose music was too dark and decadent to make an impression in the US), and at others veering towards some kind of operatic math cabaret, Brooklyn and Sheffield, UK based band Frogbelly and Symphony just released their debut album Blue Bright Ow Sleep, which was recorded in NYC by legendary producer Martin Bisi.

Watch “Before I Die” at Infectious Magazine
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ALBUM PREMIERE: Exclaim! premieres Annalibera’s debut album ‘Nevermind I Love You’

Exclaim! has the exclusive full stream of Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on March 24th.

Watch the “Blooms” video at Culture Collide
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Pop Matters reviews Christian Lee Hutson’s album ‘Yeah Okay, I Know’

Pop Matters reviews Christian Lee Hutson‘s sophomore full-length Yeah Okay, I Know, out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats on Trailer Fire Records.

A quiet confidence exudes from Hutson’s grit-tinged vocal as he handles the miniature journey crafted by the rollicking folk-influenced opener…In the two years since his debut album, he has become more relaxed in his skin as an artist…The album has shown remarkable growth for Hutson, especially in the line of production and crafting his own muted instrumental atmosphere.

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Bitch Magazine loves Field Division’s single “Faultlines”

Bitch Magazine includes Field Division‘s lead single “Faultlines,” from their debut EP Reverie State, in its feature of “17 New Songs We Love”!

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Music Street Journal reviews Frogbelly and Symphony’s debut album

Music Street Journal reviews Frogbelly and Symphony‘s debut album Blue Bright Ow Sleep, out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats from Labelship UK:

This is such an unusual and original set. It’s also brilliant. The mix of sounds here is the kind of thing I’ve seldom heard. While I have laid out the basic premise of each piece, you really have to hear this to fully appreciate it. If you like your music adventurous, I highly recommend this.

Kristen Ford’s “Radio” video on Boston Survival Guide

Boston Survival Guide features Kristen Ford‘s video “Radio,” the first single from her live video album Tighten it Up:

On this new album, multi-instrumentalist Ford explores the musical possibilities of live looping as a one-woman-band, adding guitars, pedal effects, drums and her vocals into the mix in ever flowing, creative ways. No editing, no studio magic, no auto-tune; what you see is what you get. At a time when nearly everything is processed and filtered, it’s refreshing to see an artist confident enough to work without a net. You watch as it unfolds and her smooth style draws you in, as does her personally invested lyrics.

Surviving the Golden Age reviews Annalibera’s debut album

“Because let’s be real, [Annalibera] hit home on human nature”: Surviving the Golden Age reviews Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out now on vinyl and digital formats on Sump Pump Records.

[Gebhardt’s] classically trained voice is so remarkable, I kept waiting for it to reach its limit, but the limit never came…The ethereal, operatic vocals take skills of which many other vocalists can only dream.