RADIO: Tele Novella – Cosmic Dial Tone EP (Lolipop Records), going for radio adds on August 19th

Tele Novella’s debut EP Cosmic Dial Tone, recently released on cassette by Los Angeles psych pop label Lolipop Records, is going for radio adds on August 19th.

Track Listing:
1. Umbrella At The Station (3:42)
2. Trouble In Paradise (2:50)
3. Don’t Be A Stranger (2:14)
4. No Excalibur (3:36)
5. Coat-Tail Rider (3:10)
6. Hair Of The Dog (2:48)

Recommended tracks: #2, #3, #4
All tracks FCC clean.

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Borrowed Beams of Light radio adds

The new album by Borrowed Beams of Light, On The Wings Of A Bug, has been added to music libraries at the following stations:

CHMR (St. John’s University)
KSDT (UC – San Diego)
WIUV (Castleton, VT)
WNRN – The Localmotive (Charlottesville, VA)
WPRB (Princeton University)
WTJU (University of Virginia)
WUMD (U. of Mass – Dartmouth)

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The Peculiar Pretzelmen perform in-studio at WBEZ in Chicago

The Peculiar Pretzelmen perform in-studio this morning on WBEZ in Chicago!

The slightly sinister sounds of the Peculiar Pretzelmen: In the dark corners of a smoke-filled bar live the Peculiar Pretzelmen. Part Tom Waits, part Zydeco, the Pretzelmen provide fun and fright all in the span of a single song.

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