The Deli Magazine reviews White Girl 7″

The Deli Magazine reviews White Girl‘s newest 7″ “M.E.T.R.O.R.O.C.K.” b/w “Cocky,” out now on Nice, Nice Records, praising “Cocky” for its “uncanny and amazing 17 seconds of 8-bit NES-sounding music before it throws on a light pink blazer with shoulder pads to spare, hops in the old trusty Fiero and cruises the downtown drag of new wave.”

Flagpole interviews Tele Novella

Flagpole interviews Tele Novella in advance of their show in Athens at Caledonia Lounge, praising their debut EP Cosmic Dial Tone, out on cassette from Lolipop Records:

“Trouble in Paradise,” slinks seductively along, spring reverb coming off Ribbons’ guitar like sparks from a busted street light. The lyrics exude a cool menace, with a few deliberate images setting a dark scene.

Read the interview here.