Flagpole picks Christian Lee Hutson

Flagpole Magazine picks Christian Lee Hutson‘s show as one of the week’s best, Thursday at Normaltown Hall:

Hutson’s literate brand of tattered-sleeve confessionalism is a throwback to folk music’s less-is-more roots, a reminder that the form can still be plenty ferocious in the right singer-songwriter’s hands. But Hutson is no mere acolyte; occasional flourishes of glitchy electronica set Yeah Okay apart from the pack. Quiet, determined and assured, Hutson’s latest LP is a welcome alternative to the empty, bombastic stomp-and-shout Americana so prevalent on the FM dial these days.

Bucket Full of Nails shares Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer” video

Bucket Full of Nails shares Karen Meat‘s new video for “Pizza & Beer”:

Completely embodying the ethos of Couch By Couchwest, Iowa’s Karen Meat understand the importance of carbohydrates as well as the quickness with which one can pass out after succumbing to the power of “Pizza & Beer” in their new video. A perfect song title for a Friday, don’t you think? The middle track from the band’s five-song debut EP, Karen Meat & the Computer, the sonic indifference of “Pizza & Beer” is best served cold.

The Prelude Press reviews Field Division’s EP ‘Reverie State’

The Prelude Press reviews Field Division‘s debut EP Reverie State, rating it a 4/5:

Field Division’s new EP, Reverie State takes you to another state of mind within the first song, “Faultlines,” and doesn’t let go until it fades out four songs later. The EP itself starts off soft and soothing, but with vocal harmonies and instrumentation that are also eerie and haunting…

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer” video

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Karen Meat‘s new video for “Pizza & Beer”:

Occasionally there are days when the floodgates open and all that you’ve managed to miss over the past few weeks swarms its way into the surging current. Today was one of those days. More than 30 great items materialized…The list of stunners in between included…Karen Meat & The Computer’s “Pizza & Beer“.