Weird Mob on Diamond Deposits

Diamond Deposits features Weird Mob‘s “Nu American Haircutz,” the first single from their debut full-length Wizards, out on Hibernator Gigs on April 21st:

Their first single from upcoming debut LP Wizzzzzzzzzzards is Nu American Haircutz a song about road trips and Phill Collins. This synth pop masterpiece has a energetic melody and reminds me a little of The Rentals.

Selective Memory Magazine reviews Annalibera’s album

Selective Memory Magazine reviews Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on Sump Pump Records on vinyl and digital formats on March 24th:

Their debut opener gives the impression that their genesis will not be taken with a grain of salt…Something caught me with this album. It could be the dynamics these musicians swarm around on “Battle World”. It could be the way Gebhardt mixes with the music, and the importance of the lyrics that are positioned so neatly on “Blooms”.