Murfreesboro Pulse reviews MR NASTI’s “Truth Sound”

Murfreesboro Pulse reviews MR NASTI‘s new album Truth Sound, out now on Maximum Ames Records:

MR NASTI’s second full-length album, Truth Sound, features a blend of lo-fi shoegaze and synth-infused dance tracks, all layered with lyrics that raise thought-provoking questions regarding human existence and the choices we make…The album, well produced and genuine, weaves powerful messages into its catchy beats and riffs, something not easily accomplished in today’s market.

New York Music Daily reviews Mesiko’s debut album “Solar Door”

New York Music Daily reviews Mesiko‘s debut album Solar Door, and previews the upcoming release show at Bowery Electric in NYC this Sunday, November 9th:

Mesiko Reincarnate a Dangerously Delicious Psychedelic Sound…As psychedelic art-rock in 2014 goes, it doesn’t get any better than this. Is this the best album of the year? It’s one of the best half-dozen or so, no question.