Pulse Magazine reviews MR NASTI album Truth Sound

Pulse Magazine‘s John Molseed reviews MR NASTI’s forthcoming sophomore full-length Truth Sound, out on Maximum Ames Records on September 23rd:

MR NASTI’s “Truth Sound” is an aural kaleidoscope of synth sounds and beats mixed with a little acoustic instrumentation to add soulful dynamics. Despite danceable, hooky beats, it’s the lyrics that give this album its genuine emotional wallop.

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River Cities Reader previews Christian Lee Hutson show

River Cities Reader previews Christian Lee Hutson’s upcoming show at Rozz-Tox, praising Hutson’s forthcoming release, saying “His singing and songwriting are strong enough to support bustling cacophonies and sensitive enough to deftly sketch out complicated emotional territory…Hutson never coasts, filling the tracks with invigorating detail…full of surprises even when he doesn’t need them.”

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