Selective Memory Magazine reviews Annalibera’s album

Selective Memory Magazine reviews Annalibera‘s debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on Sump Pump Records on vinyl and digital formats on March 24th:

Their debut opener gives the impression that their genesis will not be taken with a grain of salt…Something caught me with this album. It could be the dynamics these musicians swarm around on “Battle World”. It could be the way Gebhardt mixes with the music, and the importance of the lyrics that are positioned so neatly on “Blooms”.

Jump Into Limbo features Kristen Ford’s video “Radio”

Jump Into Limbo features Kristen Ford‘s video “Radio,” the lead single from the live video album Tighten it Up, being released today at the Catvsowl SXSW day party!

This is too special for your basic digital avenues. In fact, this is exactly the sentiment that Kristen tries to convey in her lyrics for this gem of an indie rock song. Kristen Ford sounds great with the live electronic guitar arrangement, which picks up later in the song, and generally impresses with the authenticity of her personality.

Juice interviews Annalibera

Juice interviews Annalibera in advance of this weekend’s album release shows at Vaudeville Mews:

Just about two years ago the Des Moines group Annalibera sprang seemingly from nowhere, playing a knockout set at the 2013 GDP and shortly after that were one of the first acts announced for the 80/35 Music Festival. The group was quick to release a three-song EP and performed regularly, but the band’s long awaited full length album, “Nevermind I Love You,” is just seeing its release this week with two Des Moines shows.