Montgomery Advertiser interviews Christian Lee Hutson

Montgomery Advertiser catches up with Christian Lee Hutson for an interview in advance of Sunday’s show at The Sanctuary.

The slightly awkward banter from Hutson (who admits he is “ironically” shy) is what fans can expect when he plays at The Sanctuary in Montgomery on Sunday…While his lyrics and song titles may suggest otherwise (“I Do Mean Well,” “They’re All Gonna Hate Me”) Hutson has a confidence in performances. And he needs it as he spends most of his time on the road.

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Weird Mob’s video “Nu American Haircutz”

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Weird Mob‘s video for “Nu American Haircutz”:

Throughout the past week there’s been a steady rollout of a slew of great songs and full streams. While the music video category didn’t quite hit the preceding week’s exhilarating highs, there was still solace to be found in some genuinely enjoyable clips from Joe Bordenaro, Algiers (who still have my pick for breakout act of 2015), Weird Mob, and Magic Potion.