Annalibera’s “Love In A Recession” on Recory Rewind Play

Record, Rewind, Play shares Annalibera‘s new single “Love In A Recession”:

“Love in a Recession” is the first track from Annalibera since the release of their rightfully acclaimed and stunning debut album Nevermind I love You. The 3-track EP, L.I.A.R., was recorded during the album sessions, and while it shares a sound and vision with the album material, through Anna Gebhardt’s wonderful vocals and lyrical themes, it swaps some of the album’s lush dream-pop sonics for country-twinged acoustic folk. Slide guitars over swirling guitars, in other words. It is, however, every bit as wonderful as its predecessor.

GroundSounds premieres “Handle Myself” by Ship of Fools

GroundSounds premieres the debut single “Handle Myself” by the genre-melding Baton Rouge quartet Ship of Fools, featuring cello by Cuban-born, Venezuela-raised and Switzerland-trained Raudol Palacios; Baton Rouge native Michael Blount on guitar; and LSU students Ashley Monaghan on vocals and Eric Brown on percussion. GroundSounds calls the track “pure sonic goodness.”

The Boot premieres Trevor Brooks’ debut single “Talk Me Out Of Her”

The Boot premieres the debut single from Nashville country singer/songwriter Trevor Brooks. Check out “Talk Me Out Of Her” from his debut EP, set for release this summer:

Brooks is someone we could get used to hearing: His vocals are warm and inviting as, in this particular song, he earnestly sings about a girl that he wants — but he knows she’s not what he needs. Instead, he begs listeners to, as the title suggests, “talk me out of her.”

Annalibera’s “Love In A Recession” song of the day on Aimless Skylarking

Aimless Skylarking picks Annalibera‘s new single “Love In A Recession” as song of the day!

My grandmother came from a big family during The Great Depression. She had 10 siblings, each seemingly born about 9 months apart…Never have I met a thriftier bunch of folks, nothing was ever tossed away. ..She also had a wicked sense of humor about it all, she’d make jokes about how her brothers had only one thing to play with as kids. And being poor was the reason why she had so many siblings, it’s what people did back then. That’s why Annalibera’s new song, ‘Love In A Recession’ struck a chord, if not my funny bone. Don’t make me spell it out for you, listen for yourself.

The Peculiar Pretzelmen’s new single “Big Mary” on New Music Michael

New Music Michael has the new single from The Peculiar Pretzelmen, “Big Mary,” about the true story of Mary the elephant, who was publicly executed by hanging in 1916 after trampling one of her handlers. The song explores the mishandling of circus animals and the evolving morals and cruel standards of entertainment.

Catch them on tour now:

Jun 03 – Taos NM at Burger Stand
Jun 04 – Colorado Springs CO at Flux Capacitor
Jun 05 – Denver CO at Lions Lair
Jun 06 – Lake Hedke NE at Pondstock
Jun 07 – Wichita KS at Elbow Room
Jun 08 – Kearney NE at Gillies
Jun 10 – Spearfish SD at Killians
Jun 11 – Buffalo WY at Up In Smoke
Jun 12 – Casper WY at Wonder Bar
Jun 13 – Salt Lake City UT at Granary Row Concert Series
Jun 14 – Las Vegas NV at Huntridge

Flagpole picks Christian Lee Hutson

Flagpole Magazine picks Christian Lee Hutson‘s show as one of the week’s best, Thursday at Normaltown Hall:

Hutson’s literate brand of tattered-sleeve confessionalism is a throwback to folk music’s less-is-more roots, a reminder that the form can still be plenty ferocious in the right singer-songwriter’s hands. But Hutson is no mere acolyte; occasional flourishes of glitchy electronica set Yeah Okay apart from the pack. Quiet, determined and assured, Hutson’s latest LP is a welcome alternative to the empty, bombastic stomp-and-shout Americana so prevalent on the FM dial these days.