Beth Bombara in Sacramento News & Review

Sacramento News and Review chooses Beth Bombara’s upcoming show for their Eight Gigs feature:

Her lyrics are simple and frank, with some surprising instrumentation. Upright bass, fiddle, banjo, lap steel, mandolin and trombone all play a role on her newest self-titled record. Sounds potentially cluttered, but Bombara tends to keep things sparse, highlighting her story-telling, instead.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel features Beth Bombara

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel features Beth Bombara and her upcoming show at Cavalcade on September 9th.

Bombara‚Äôs sound developed via a punk band she started in high school and then playing guitar with Samantha Crain…Bombara began her solo career after a move to St. Louis in 2007, which has resulted in five albums. Her latest, which is self-titled, was released in June.