The Revue premieres the D’ark remix of Copperfox’s “War Horse” (Music Video)


The Revue premieres Copperfox‘s new music video for “War Horse” (D’ark remix), which showcases the Martian-like landscape of Maui’s Haleakala Volcano:

The song is majestic. It is the sound of an abandoned street at night where the only voice that can be heard is in the one in your head. It is your deepest thoughts and fears speaking to you, yet you still look over your shoulder. That solitary, uneasy feeling we all experience, yet there is an inner peace. It is an unexpected calmness where you can collect your thoughts and figure out your biggest dilemmas. It is that little glimmer of light in the darkness that provides you with an ounce of hope.


Songwriting Magazine premieres new Copperfox EP HAUNTS


Copperfox‘s new EP Haunts is out Friday! Songwriting Magazine premieres the full stream today:

“We think that the end result is something very special…Our personal favourite is the D’ark remix of ‘Feel In The Void,’ with the fresh take giving it a Princess Chelsea meets My Bloody Valentine vibe.”

Copperfox single “Feel in the Void” premieres on GroundSounds


The new Copperfox single “Feel in the Void” premieres over at GroundSounds!

“Featuring haunting pop melodies over moody chord structures, Nashville based dream-pop ensemble Copperfox are gearing up for their third release, the forthcoming EP ‘Haunts.’ The project is layered with atmospheric vibes and surging synths…”