Metal Observer reviews Druids’ album


Thanks to The Metal Observer for the 7/10 review of Druids’ new album Cycles of Mobeum — out now on vinyl from Sump Pump Records — calling it an “enjoyable slab of blues heavy stoner metal. Even from just the intro, there are some great licks being played on Cycles.”

Valley of Steel reviews Druids’ new album


Valley of Steel reviews Druids‘ new album Cycles of Mobeum — out today on vinyl from Sump Pump Records:

All in all [Cycles of Mobeum] is a nice little trip through some sort of weird psychedelic-sludge galaxy, which totally makes sense when it’s revealed that the album was named for, and largely inspired by — from an aesthetic standpoint — the artist Mœbius, whose surrealist comic books and design concepts inspired a number of groundbreaking science fiction movies.

SkullsnBones features Druids


Druids‘ new album is out today on Sump Pump Records! Listen to the full stream at

Doom/slugde champions Druids aren’t afraid of a challenge, and in fact, their third album, Cycles of Mobeum, is an eight-track concept album that tells the story of Warpia and her home planet Mobeum. Pretty heady stuff, particularly when set to an intense soundtrack brimming with fierce instrumentation.

Glacially Musical reviews Druids’ new album


Thanks to Glacially Musical for the great review of Druids‘ forthcoming album Cycles of Mobeum (Sump Pump Records), out on vinyl on June 3rd:

…it was clear this wasn’t your every day doom metal concept record, but hills and valleys of instrumentals interspersed with vocals that sound like Baroness at their angriest. The ups and downs of Cycles of Mobeum have held my interest and it’s already been spun five times before writing this review.


Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres Druids’ new single “Capturing the Firemares”


Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres the new single “Capturing the Firemares” from Druids‘ forthcoming album Cycles of Mobeum, coming out on June 3rd from Sump Pump Records:

The stuff is pretty great, and has tinges of Mastodon and early Baroness all throughout it. The production is extremely crisp and cutting, which is not something I’m used to hearing from this type of band, so it threw me for a bit of surprise. However, once you understand it’s what the band was going for, you’ll be all about it.