Dig Baton Rouge reviews England in 1819’s “Summer Lightning” EP

Dig Baton Rouge reviews England in 1819’s new EP Summer Lightning:

England In 1819’s newest EP, Summer Lightning, is an eerie, industrial piece laden with alternative rock sensibilities and uplifting, airy melodies that illustrate the aptly fitting title…as the group’s ability to capture those maximalist, completely sonically enveloping sounds in the studio has become abundantly clear, their October 30th performance at Chelsea’s Café will give fans the opportunity to see the talented duo live, in action, and hopefully capture some of that magic that is present throughout their latest, glowing body of work.

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The Carolinian interviews England in 1819

The Carolinian caught up with England in 1819 on tour, interviewing the band and reviewing their recent show in Spartanburg, SC, calling the band’s performance “absolutely enchanting” and noting that “Andrew’s vocals, hauntingly beautiful and emotionally charged, harmonized intensely with the sweet, round tones being belted from Dan’s French horn.” Check out the Artist Spotlight with the band and find out their thoughts on road life between brothers, large vs intimate shows, and how touring is like pizza.

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RVA Mag previews England in 1819 show

RVA Mag includes England in 1819’s upcoming show at Gallery 5 in this week’s Shows You Must See! Here’s a preview:

England In 1819 are an unusual phenomenon in the modern world of pop music–an electronic duo made up of former classical musicians and composers who originally began working with an extensive backing band featuring oboe, french horn, and other traditionally symphonic instruments. The fact that these guys are now mostly working with keyboards and drum machines probably indicates that their original concept was too unwieldy for touring life, but you have to give them credit for seeing their unique vision through in some fashion. Regardless of what instruments they use to carry it off, you can expect their show at Gallery 5 to be full of sweeping, grandiose pop gestures that live up to the epic nature of their music. The results promise to provide a sublime experience for all in attendance.

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England in 1819 on The Absolute

The Absolute also features “Sirens”, the new video by England in 1819, saying:

Their idiosyncratic, minimal approach to ’80s-inflected synth pop is as delightful as it is odd. Now the band has just released the music video to “Sirens,” a stand-out track from Fireball Electric Tomorrow…The brothers state that the Jeff Roedel-directed music video is based off a quote from author Seanan McGuire’s Indexing: “Everyone thinks of them in terms of poisoned apples and glass coffins, and forgets that they represent girls who walked into dark forests and remade them into their own reflections.”

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Chattanooga Now previews England in 1819 show

Chattanooga Now previews England in 1819’s Chattanooga tour stop:

England in 1819 used to be backed by a seven-piece band – think crescendos and a full orchestral sound. They’ve since scaled down to their current two-piece group using synths and electronic beats, similar to Washed Out or Beach House. That’s when they began calling their sound “grand wave,” a genre it might be safe to say they coined. They’re on an 8-week tour – traveling in a Prius, another perk of being a small outfit.

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