The Bluegrass Situation premieres “Way Out” music video from John Calvin Abney

John Calvin Abney premieres the visuals for “Way Out” from his new album Far Cries and Close Calls today on The Bluegrass Situation:

I was…thinking about friends and family and strangers and acquaintances that had ventured so far into the dark that they couldn’t find their way to any source of light. I started to write about times that led me in and out of the mire. I had lost some people that were important to me, love and lack thereof had sent me reeling, and this song appeared.

The Alternate Root reviews Paul Benjaman Band’s new album


The Alternate Root Magazine reviews Paul Benjaman Band‘s new album Sneaker:

Paul Benjaman decorates with fall color patterns on Sneaker…Paul dips his audio pen in the landscape of Oklahoma on the Horton Records release. The label is based in Tulsa, OK, as is Paul Benjaman, who never forgets the Tulsa Sound of JJ Cale on the album as he gives it a seat next to a 2015 groove. Label mate, and Hard Working American, Jesse Aycock, provides pedal steel guitar on the album as Paul Benjaman Band stays true to the sound, righteously following its path while still managing to drive slightly outside it tracks.

Paul Benjaman Band’s “Sneaker” Top Track of the Week at The Alternate Root


The Alternate Root Magazine chooses Paul Benjaman Band‘s “Sneaker” as its top track of the week!

JJ Cale set the time for the Tulsa Sound, and Paul Benjaman Band are the Tulsa torchbearer’s carrying JJ’s groove. “Sneaker” slithers and slides like a loose electrical cable and heads for the dance floor as Paul Benjaman counts to ‘move to the beat of the two and the four.

Tulsa Voice reviews Paul Benjaman Band album “Sneaker”


“like ZZ Top playing Beck…an exercise in covert raucousness.”

The Tulsa Voice reviews the forthcoming album from Paul Benjaman Band, out on October 30th from Horton Records.

Benjaman has the simultaneously gritty, playful and soft delivery of Billy Gibbons, and it’s his unmistakable voice that guides the listener through the pan-genre track listing. Sneaker sneaks, with the harsh sweetness of a day drunk. Your head is splitting from last night’s debauchery, but you ride the manic wave higher with every sip.