Speak Into My Good Eye reviews John Dillon album


Seattle 5-piece John Dillon‘s debut album “The Lost Estate” gets a great review from Nicole Gifford at Speak Into My Good Eye:

“…dream pop at its most wistful…lush and melodic, fusing 80s synths in the style of New Order with the 60s California hippie sensibilities of Moby Grape.”

Read the whole review and pick up the album on vinyl from Plume Records tomorrow!

John Dillon album ‘The Lost Estate’ premieres at Northwest Music Scene


NorthWest Music Scene premieres the debut album from Seattle 5-piece John Dillon!

John Dillon is a new experimental pop band fronted by singing-songwriting mad genius Dillon Sturtevant…Everything from hypnagogic pop to new wave to dream pop to noise pop shows up…Though there’s obviously a very poppy, immediate sensibility to a lot of what happens on this LP, it’s all filtered through a diverse and kaleidoscopic lens.

Stream “The Lost Estate” and pick up a vinyl copy tomorrow from Plume Records.


The Sound of Confusion premieres John Dillon single “Holy Fool”


The Sound Of Confusion premieres the new single from Seattle 5-piece band John Dillon:

…luscious, expansive and a little stately. In terms of structure, ‘Holy Fool’ is vintage pop that doesn’t belong to a particular time, but for all its ‘Be My Baby’ drums, classic slide guitar and yearning melodies, it doesn’t sound dated, although it does sound timeless, with a dreamy atmosphere that’s thick but not overbearing. You could perhaps make comparisons to certain Pink Mountaintops songs in that respect (‘Axis: Thrones Of Love’ springs to mind), due to the subtle beauty that’s tinged with sadness. Gorgeous.

Listen to “Holy Fool” and pick up the debut album from Plume Records on March 25th.

Nooga.com reviews John Dillon


Nooga.com reviews John Dillon‘s new music from their forthcoming debut album The Lost Estate, coming on March 25th from Plume Records:

On their latest single, “The Fox,” the band drifts breezily through a buoyant melody accompanied by echoing vocals that feel as if you could reach and touch their gossamer lines. Equal parts hushed atmospherics and wobbly dream pop beats, the song is a wonder to hear, a languid exploration of the band’s influences without the slightest trace of artifice or imitation.

Glacially Musical reviews John Dillon


Seattle band John Dillon‘s debut album The Lost Estate gets a great review from Glacially Musical:

There are some delightful vintage musical elements hidden in plain sight on Lost Estate. There’s the slide guitar reminiscent of The Doors’s Moonlight Drive and the whirling sounds of an organ through a Leslie Speaker. I will never be able to explain this to you with just my words, so check them out for yourselves.

Out on vinyl and digital from Plume Records on March 25th.

Surviving the Golden Age premieres John Dillon single “The Fox”


Surviving the Golden Age premieres “The Fox,” the new single from Seattle’s John Dillon (members of Tomten, Kithkin, & friends), from their debut album The Lost Estate – coming out on vinyl and digital from Plume Records on March 25th:

“The track mixes vintage aesthetics with modern dream pop…reminiscent of Edwyn Collins‘ “A Girl Like You” with a sci-fi tilt.”

John Dillon is today’s Daily Discovery on The Daily Listening


Seattle’s John Dillon is The Daily Listening‘s Daily Discovery:

“‘Death Mask’ is a rather nostalgic mix of Joy Division-esque vocals and lush 80’s synths. In other words, this is the band you need to watch this year.”

Their debut album The Lost Estate is out on vinyl and digital formats on March 25 via Plume Records!

Seattle 5-piece John Dillon To Release Debut Album The Lost Estate


Seattle 5-piece dream pop band John Dillon (members of Kithkin, Tomten, & friends) are preparing to release their forthcoming debut album The Lost Estate, which will be the inaugural release from new Seattle imprint Plume Records, due out on March 25th on vinyl and digital formats.

“Making things sleazy yet heartfelt was a fun, sometimes hilarious, process,” says Dillon Sturtevant, songwriter and frontman of Seattle band John Dillon, on recording the band’s debut album The Lost Estate. The album was written both before and after Sturtevant moved from the East coast to Seattle. “Being in a new place, trying to make ends meet, exploring, and encountering different people and different cultures has a way of making you hyper-aware and creative,” Sturtevant reflects. “Some of these songs I brought over to the Northwest with me, and they grew as I did.” The 11-song collection is characterized by lush production, hi-lo-fi sounds, sincerity laced with humor, humor laced with melancholy, and a melodic bent.

The Lost Estate, named as a kind of castoff reference to a French novel that has lurked in Sturtevant’s mind since he read it years ago, hazily navigates through sun-bleached remembrances. “Writing these songs, I was concerned in a very fundamental way with the almost mystical nature of passage from childhood to adulthood, and the ways in which we package up our past,” says Sturtevant. “The way we write our own stories subconsciously and earlier life’s moments become these golden-hued parables from another more mysterious, more fanciful world.”

The Lost Estate, the first release on new Seattle imprint Plume Records, will be out on vinyl and digital formats on March 25th following a cassette release late last year on Never Anything Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Andy Meyer in Seattle and mastered for vinyl and digital by Carl Saff in Chicago.


1. Prelude
2. The Fox
3. Maria
4. Holy Fool
5. Living in Sin
6. Shenandoah
7. Death Mask
8. Last Golden Age
9. Friends Like Me
10. The Lost Estate
11. You Never Call