Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer” video on Write Click Cook Listen

Write Click Cook Listen has some kind words for Karen Meat‘s “Pizza & Beer” video, from Karen Meat & the Computer, out now on cassette from Red Nude Tapes.

Bucket Full of Nails shares Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer” video

Bucket Full of Nails shares Karen Meat‘s new video for “Pizza & Beer”:

Completely embodying the ethos of Couch By Couchwest, Iowa’s Karen Meat understand the importance of carbohydrates as well as the quickness with which one can pass out after succumbing to the power of “Pizza & Beer” in their new video. A perfect song title for a Friday, don’t you think? The middle track from the band’s five-song debut EP, Karen Meat & the Computer, the sonic indifference of “Pizza & Beer” is best served cold.

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer” video

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Karen Meat‘s new video for “Pizza & Beer”:

Occasionally there are days when the floodgates open and all that you’ve managed to miss over the past few weeks swarms its way into the surging current. Today was one of those days. More than 30 great items materialized…The list of stunners in between included…Karen Meat & The Computer’s “Pizza & Beer“.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Impose premieres Karen Meat’s “Pizza & Beer”

Impose premieres Karen Meat & the Players‘ new video for “Pizza & Beer” from their debut cassette Karen Meat & the Computer (Red Nude Tapes):

Karen Meat and her crew of Players and Computers provide the minimalist audio, and visuals for the “Pizza & Beer” video that involves a mess of PBRs, Miller Lites, Budweisers, and delivery pizza, and a predominately fixed camera on a tripod. The self-aware states of eating too much, and drinking too much are explained in a kind of honesty heard in the manner of west coast style indie girl rock that can be heard from the Southern California coasts, through the Bay Area circuits, and to the north left scenes of Seattle. The song on the surface has a catchy and funny mode while there is an autonomous statement that lies beneath the slacker-like minimalism. The law tables of attraction and affection are overturned with an autonomy mission that says ‘take me as I am’ in the lyrical, and conceptual subtext, heard loud and clear by the final tongue in cheek line,”I’ll get really thin, maybe you’ll like me then”.