The Alternate Root premieres Levi Parham’s music video “I’m Behind Ya”


The Alternate Root Magazine premieres Levi Parham’s new music video “I’m Behind Ya” off his new album These American Blues, out now on Music Road Records!

“I had been talking to a friend who was struggling with personal dilemmas, and the words ‘I’m behind ya’ just came out. Sometimes, just having someone on your side can make the world of difference.”

Alternate Root reviews Levi Parham’s new album


The Alternate Root Magazine reviews Levi Parham‘s new full length, out now on Music Road Records:

Levi strides into the songs with confidence, a credit he gives to road work and musical backing…Parham wears the skin of his songs as easy as he rolls over the rhythms…These American Blues presents some of the major talent percolating in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Elmore Magazine premieres Levi Parham’s album


There are hints of lonesome, Western expanse to the album, which finds Parham wrestling with, as he says, the changing face of the American Dream…On ‘These American Blues,’ Parham travels through an America both mythic and all-too-real. It’s a cross-country journey of an album, so what are you waiting for? Hit the road.

Elmore Magazine premieres the full stream of the forthcoming album from Levi ParhamThese American Blues is due out on Music Road Records on June 24th.

Levi Parham signs with Music Road Records!


Congrats to Levi Parham on signing with Austin’s Music Road Records!

Look for a new release in 2016, and in the meantime, check out his self-released EP Avalon Drive, which elicited some goods words:

The melody is enticing, there’s a melancholy feel” – CMT Edge

[One] of my best new discoveries this past week:…Levi Parham” – Sean Moeller, Paste Magazine

Parham [has a] soulful, gritty and tender voice” – The Boot

Whatever it is, Levi Parham has it.” – The Bluegrass Situation

Souther roots course through his music.” – Folk Radio UK

An Okie version of Ray LaMontagne…” – Kansas City Star

The Pitch recommends Levi Parham’s upcoming show

Levi Parham and John Calvin Abney hit the road together soon! The Pitch advises you to catch them in Kansas City at The Riot Room:

Levi Parham was last in KC in January, which leads us to believe that this Oklahoma native is rarely at home. Parham is continuing his road-warrior ways in support of his 2014 EP, Avalon Drive, six Americana songs that showcase his grainy, warm voice. Fans of Ray LaMontagne and Amos Lee should find plenty to like in this Southern charmer.

Folk World reviews Levi Parham’s new release ‘Avalon Drive’

Folk World reviews Levi Parham‘s new release Avalon Drive:

Levi Parham sends us a six track promo-EP called Avalon Drive. Rocking the stars away, he brings a strong mixture of Americana, bluegrass and rock with occasionally some nice raw edges. Something happens on this EP. Parham has a nice, strong voice and I like the edgy way he writes, sings and arranges his compositions. Parham shows that he has all the ingredients to become a major name in the more underground sounding Americana-Rock styled music. Intriguing and definitely worth a listen at his webpage.

VIDEO PREMIERE: The Boot premieres Levi Parham’s music video “Ruby”

Levi Parham‘s new music video “Ruby” premieres today at The Boot, which praises “Parham’s soulful, gritty and tender voice [that] provides a cool contrast to the young boy’s innocence and vibrancy.”

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