The Alternate Root premieres Levi Parham’s music video “I’m Behind Ya”


The Alternate Root Magazine premieres Levi Parham’s new music video “I’m Behind Ya” off his new album These American Blues, out now on Music Road Records!

“I had been talking to a friend who was struggling with personal dilemmas, and the words ‘I’m behind ya’ just came out. Sometimes, just having someone on your side can make the world of difference.”

Alternate Root reviews Levi Parham’s new album


The Alternate Root Magazine reviews Levi Parham‘s new full length, out now on Music Road Records:

Levi strides into the songs with confidence, a credit he gives to road work and musical backing…Parham wears the skin of his songs as easy as he rolls over the rhythms…These American Blues presents some of the major talent percolating in Tulsa, Oklahoma