Incognito Music Magazine reviews Monsters of Surf

Incognito Music Magazine reviews Monsters of Surf (DingDong Records):

You can pick any song on this compilation and know that it is an absolute destroyer. Seriously, how many times do you get a compilation and you like maybe half of it? Well, you don’t have to worry about that with this compilation. This is great surf music from top to bottom. Monsters of Surf is 22 songs (each by a different artist) of surf music that makes you want to get in your Woody, drive to the beach and “catch some tasty waves.” Or maybe make some Zombie cocktails. This is the perfect compliment to either.

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Monsters of Surf compilation on The Dadada

The Dadada features the forthcoming Monsters Of Surf compilation, out on February 18th on DingDong Records:

The compilation features 22 tracks by surf bands from North American, South America, and Europe. This isn’t your grandfather’s surf music either, as Monsters of Surf features modern takes on the genre. It favors experimentalism, and is a bit more gritty than the classic recordings of the 1960s.

Check out a thunderous psycho-surf track by Daikaiju, a driving gypsy metal song from Necronomikids, and some noir bombast from Serbia’s Threesome at The Dadada, and pick up the release at bandcamp.