Quad Cities Dispatch/Argus previews Mr Nasti + Chalaxy show


The Dispatch / Rock Island Argus previews MR NASTI and CHALAXY‘s show tonight at Rozz-Tox QC:

Iowa’s own Mr. Nasti, singer-songwriter Nicholas Sebastian Naioti, and the Nashville psych-pop band Chalaxy, will help you get a jump on the weekend tonight at 7 p.m. at Rozz Tox, 2108 3rd Ave., Rock Island. Admission is $5 to $10.

Mr. Naioti (from Fairfield, Iowa) is touring in support of his sophomore full-length Truth Sound, which came out last fall on Maximum Ames Records, exploring themes of life and death. “I’ve lived in three states, opened two food service businesses, lost my home to a flood, lost 2 close family members, and traveled heavily,” he said in a recent release.

Sean Moeller of Daytrotter has recorded stripped-down acoustic versions of Mr. Naioti’s lively disco tracks, describing his songs as “are examples of the joint frustration and exaltation of living.”

Pulse Magazine cover story called “Truth Sound” “an aural kaleidoscope of synth sounds and beats mixed with a little acoustic instrumentation to add soulful dynamics. Despite danceable, hooky beats, it’s the lyrics that give this album its genuine emotional wallop.”

Murfreesboro Pulse reviews MR NASTI’s “Truth Sound”

Murfreesboro Pulse reviews MR NASTI‘s new album Truth Sound, out now on Maximum Ames Records:

MR NASTI’s second full-length album, Truth Sound, features a blend of lo-fi shoegaze and synth-infused dance tracks, all layered with lyrics that raise thought-provoking questions regarding human existence and the choices we make…The album, well produced and genuine, weaves powerful messages into its catchy beats and riffs, something not easily accomplished in today’s market.