The Bluegrass Situation features Nick Drummond


“Bladder relief and quinoa under the same roof? Sign me up.”

The Bluegrass Situation digs in to Nick Drummond‘s tour habits in this Root 66 feature.


Northwest Music Scene premieres Nick Drummond single “Love”


NorthWest Music Scene premieres “Love,” the first single from Nick Drummond‘s forthcoming debut solo album Follow the Rivulets!

“Love” is a moment of beautiful self-reflection. Following the departure of his longtime lover, Follow the Rivulets promises to be an intensely personal and self-redeeming album. Though there is a lot of heartache throughout “Love” and many other tracks on the LP, it isn’t just a woe-is-me record for the sadsacks of the world. “Love” features bouncy, sturdy, somewhat poppy instrumentation, and over it, Drummond brings an enthused and charismatic performance.