East of 8th premieres Pageant’s Endless Sun EP stream


Pageant‘s Endless Sun EP, available on November 13th on CD and digital formats, is streaming in full in advance of the release over at East of 8th. Click over to listen!

Pageant on No Country For New Nashville


No Country For New Nashville previews Pageant‘s release show for Endless Sun EP, out November 13th on CD and digital formats:

Nashville based folk rock outfit Pageant are releasing their brand new EP Endless Sun this Friday night with a gig at Left Plus Right Studio. The trio, fronted by brother/sister duo Derek and Erika Porter, are sure to bring us more of the feel good, throwback vibes we dig for their third effort. …You’ll have as much fun watching their show as they will playing it.

Pageant on The Deli Magazine – Nashville


The Deli Nashville features Pageant in advance of Friday’s EP release:

Pageant are set to release their sophomore EP ‘Endless Sun’ this Friday 11.13, and since we got a sneak peek (our favorite part of this gig,) you can take it from us, it’s a dandy! Featuring a sibling vocal duo atop acoustic-driven poppy choruses and building rhythms with splashes of auxiliary horns and strings, the EP is earthy and personal with universal themes of love and life.

Head to The Deli for the full review!

Independent Clauses premieres Pageant’s video “Don’t Stop the Rain”


Independent Clauses premieres Pageant‘s new video “Don’t Stop the Rain” from the new EP Endless Sun, coming out on November 13th:

[‘Don’t Stop the Rain’] is a jaunty duet that draws heavily on indie-pop and folk conventions without falling neatly into either category. The vocals are the feature here, with Derek and Erika Porter’s voices intertwining throughout the tune as leads and backup vocals. There’s some pedal steel and harmonica to counter the vocal focus, while the bass guitar does some admirable work keeping the tune traveling sprightly on.

Infectious Magazine premieres Pageant song “Dont Stop the Rain”


Infectious Magazine premieres the new single from Pageant, “Don’t Stop the Rain,” from their forthcoming Endless Sun EP, out on November 13th:

Today we have teamed up with Nashville’s own folk-pop siblings Derek and Erika Porter, who are better known as Pageant, to bring you the second single from their upcoming sophomore EP Endless Sun, titled “Don’t Stop The Rain.” The track is upbeat and will instantly put you in a good mood! What better way is there to start your weekend than listening to a song that is sure to make you even happier it’s Friday?

Pageant on Bucket Full of Nails


Bucket Full of Nails shares the new music video from Pageant, “Beautiful (Caught up in the Moment)”:

The first single…is a sly pop song with an accompanying video that’s equal parts Ed Sullivan and scrapped European Cialis commercial featuring Casey Whitaker and Tim de la Motte from Chicago’s Second City improv troupe, proving you just never know when the moment is right.