Record of the Day: 50 Third and 3rd features Phosphene EP Breaker


50 Third and 3rd chooses Phosphene’s Breaker as Record of the Day:

This trio out of Oakland, California seduce me with their new 6-track EP BREAKER for some weeks now. A delectable cocktail of amplified dream pop melancholy. SILVER is one of the highlights. Melodic splendor driven by lively guitar lines and sensitive vocals floating all over it. A sweet little gem. Start daydreaming here…

Audio Femme reviews Phosphene EP


Audio Femme reviews Phosphene’s new EP Breaker:

A phosphene is the experience of seeing light when none has actually entered your eyes; it’s where the phrase “seeing stars” comes from, and common causes include rubbing your eyes or being hit in the head. It’s the perfect name for the indie shoegaze trio from Oakland, whose latest EP, Breaker, is the sonic equivalent of a light in the distance. Sometimes it’s a warm glow, like on “Hear Me Out,” or flickering, like on “Ride.”

On one of Phosphene‘s best tracks, “Rogue,” it’s like neon sign, steady and bright, with a surge before burning out completely. The lyrics will resonate with anyone who takes the subway, though they namedrop the Bay Area’s version of the MTA: “BART is rocking me to sleep/ It keeps reminding/ Me of the loves I can’t keep.” There’s a nice current that runs through the five songs, all wrapped up in a dreamy haze, worth checking out when you need to light up your life a little bit.

Music Existence reviews Phosphene EP


Music Existence reviews Phosphene’s new EP Breaker:

Silver” has a bit of a 90s vibe in its alternative electric guitar style instrumentation, but still retains the lo fi sound the band is known for. The layering of Frankel’s voice on top of one another separates this song from others on the EP and shows that the band isn’t afraid to experiment a bit. It is reminiscent of something Best Coast or duo Tennis would release, putting Phosphene in good company, but it never feels derivative. When Frankel moans gloriously “let’s start spinning til the sky booms” one can’t help but be in complete swoonworthy mode sailing along with her.

…Heartbreaking and heavenly with vibrant lyrics and relaxing vocals from Frankel, Breaker is the perfect EP you need for relaxing by the pool on a summer day.

The Rogers Revue on Phosphene’s EP


The Rogers Revue reviews Phosphene’s new EP Breaker:

Phosphene is described as being a “California-bred, Oakland-based dream rock band fueled by ice coffee and sugary things”. With such a creative and fun description, you know you’re about to listen to some awesome music. The Oakland band—which includes the talented vocals of Rachel Frankel, Matt Hemmerich and Kevin Kaw—has recently released a new record called “Breaker”. If you’re looking for an album with colorful and beautiful music, you’re listening to the right album.

…Are you having fun yet? I can tell you right now that I am. This album is so awesome. There’s a little something for everyone here, from upbeat and pop sounds to calmer beats and soothing melodies. This is an album that fans are going to fall in love with and I can see them requesting this at parties and concerts.

Bearded Gentlemen Music reviews Phosphene EP


Bearded Gentlemen Music reviews Phosphene’s new EP Breaker:

Like the season in which it’s been released, Phosphene’s Breaker is an album that transitions from the melancholy of darker days into the promise of a lighter spring.

Phosphene’s debut EP, Breaker, is comprised of six compositions that highlight their muses, and prove both originality and consistency. A low-key vibe pervades Breaker, smoothing over the whole, while allowing energetic moments to shine through. Yet while it may be a somewhat chill album, Phosphene knows how to build up a wall of sound, using dynamics over tempo to make a musical moment. Honest, yet poetic lyrics compliment the straightforward melodies and harmonies crafted by all band members. Breaker does what it has come to do – break through – but leaves room for Phosphene to grow as a band, follow various sonic inspirations, and explore new territory. Wherever they head next, I’ll be listening.

Howl and Echoes picks Phosphene’s “Silver” as a song of the week


Howl and Echoes picks Phosphene’s “Silver” as a song of the week:

With a crunchy, garage-y guitar, honey vocals and a piercing drumbeat, Phosphene deliver big time with “Silver.” Taken from their latest album, Breaker, this Californian band pay their respects to the frontrunners like Sonic Youth in their music, whilst thinking forward and throwing modern touches at it to bring those sounds into the future. A solid release, Silver and by extension Breaker represent a band fast maturing in themselves and their music, and it’s a sound I really can’t get enough of. Keep up to date with them on their Soundcloud and Facebook, as these guys are well worth your time!

Belwood Music reviews Phosphene’s EP


Belwood Music reviews Phosphene’s EP Breaker:

Before you delve into this record take a moment to appreciate the simple yet stunning artwork. Viewed as if through some late night dreamlike haze, pulling back the curtain to look out towards the waiting world with all the hues of a fading sunset. It’s the perfect metaphor for the music that lies within. Tracks like ‘Hear Me Out’ and ‘Rogue’ give the impression of malaise and world weariness, but finding just enough beauty and comfort to keep going. Musically the soundscapes Phosphene have created have captured the softer side of bands such as Sonic Youth, Wolf Alice and The Smashing Pumpkins; think Daydream Nation with shimmering synths in place of furious guitars. There’s certainly a place for top notch guitar work on this album, most notably on opening track ‘Be Mine’, but for the most part it is a more subtle and subdued affair.

…The band work in perfect harmony to create a deeply layered and immaculately produced work of art. All in all Breaker is a heartfelt and introspective offering that I could quite happily listen to all night.