LVL to the Room features PLEASURES’ music video “Luscious Wave”


LVL to the Room features PLEASURES and their new music video “Luscious Wave”:

My senses were on fire from their crisp neon sound, flecked with dirty, grungy, raw, emotion and hyper-processed audio…And the music video for their single “Luscious Wave”… OOF. The concept is so trippy, so cool, so different from anything I’ve ever seen before. It allows for deep reflection and interpretation, while also being easily accessible and visually stunning.

Indie30 features PLEASURES


Indie30 features PLEASURES and their new music video “Luscious Wave”:

…their dark pop oriented and intensely dreamy new single, ‘Luscious Wave’. A master work of angular sonic manipulation where nothing is at it seems, from the warped yet inviting vocal approach of vocalist/guitarist Katherine Kelly to the soundscape shifting effects employed to each instrument, it’s an enveloping and thrilling ride.

Northern Transmissions premieres PLEASURES’ new music video “Luscious Wave”


Northern Transmissions premieres PLEASURES’ trippy “Luscious Wave” music video:

“‘Luscious Wave’ is…about falling in love and never wanting to be apart. It celebrates people in our lives who make us feel like we can do anything by bringing out the most honest version of ourselves.”

Impose premieres PLEASURES’ music video for “Gemini Twin”


Head over to Impose for the premiere of the new music video from PLEASURES!

“With their new video for ‘Gemini Twin,’ PLEASURES hold nothing back. Directed by Robert Jensen, a stop motion video takes the viewer into desolation and desire, a constant amalgam of confusion– exactly what the song’s subject matter entails.”

Tampa Bay Times previews PLEASURES show


PLEASURES homecoming show tonight at Fubar Downtown! Tampa Bay Times previews the show:

At WMNF’s Tropical Heatwave in April, Sarasota’s Pleasures blasted New World Brewery with a typhoon of digitally twisted prog-rock that blew away the patio. Wanna know what you missed? Catch ’em at 8 p.m. Sunday at Fubar, 658 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. It’s something of a homecoming show for the quartet, which features Sons of Hippies’ Katherine Kelly on lead vocals and guitar, following a short tour behind their latest album F—ed Up Dreams Come True.

Creative Loafing Tampa previews PLEASURES’ show


Creative Loafing Tampa previews tonight’s PLEASURES homecoming show at Fubar Downtown:

Just like that, Pleasure is back. After a five-week tour that took the greater Bay area psych-rockers through the Sunshine State, up through the midwest and right through the butthole of Texas, frontwoman Katherine Kelly & co. return to the ‘Burg (who cares what the cool kids call it) for a homecoming show that also serves to celebrate the release of their 2016 LP, Fucked Up Dreams Come True, which plays like a variety hour where the devil gets a hold of an MPC while every demented soul he’s been left with in hell fills the figurative studio with strange howling noises all running through a pedal board only an octopod could navigate. The effort is a pure dance party, and it takes all kinds of cajones to go on the road the way Pleasures does, so buy them a shot or three at this rager. Experience that m-fer below.

Erie Times-News features PLEASURES


Fantastic PLEASURES feature in | Erie Times-News by Matt Swanseger:

The band revels in its oddity — it treats audio like a funhouse mirror treats a reflected image. Synth lines bend, crash and wobble like sheet metal put through a conditioning test, and Kelly’s trip-hoppy croons and yodeler-esque yips are altered with more special effects than a sci-fi soundboard. But despite the chaos, it is not without moments of warped tranquillity and even beauty.

San Antonio Express-News recommends PLEASURES’ show


My San Antonio from the Express-News recommends tonight’s PLEASURES show at Hi-Tones:

The Florida band and multimedia project makes what it calls ‘dark and doomy sex music for robots.’ How can that not be good? The band is touring behind the vinyl release of its new album ‘(Bleeped) Up Dreams Come True,’ the genesis of which singer/guitarist Katherine Kelly described as ‘about a recent and specific period in my life where a love interest appeared seemingly out of nowhere and changed my understanding of the abstract world of concepts and binaries.’