Lo-Pie reviews Pollen Rx cassette Buyer’s EP

Lo-Pie reviews Pollen Rx‘s cassette Buyer’s EP:

…smartly political post-punk party jams are as lyrically dense as a college sociology textbook but danceable enough to make the Au Pairs proud…Pollen RX are deft about communicating their politics, never letting their message overwhelm the playful likability of the music nor shying away from the devastating truths they’re so gleefully unpacking.


VIDEO PREMIERE: Unruly Factions premieres Pollen Rx’s video “Supply Chain”

Unruly Factions premieres Pollen Rx‘s music video for lead single “Supply Chain” and reviews their new cassette, Buyer’s EP.

Pollen Rx is one of our favorite new discoveries. They’re a garage pop/art punk trio from Austin, TX who specialize in politically-driven, danceable music, with gritty guitars and catchy melodies. They describe their new EP Buyer’s as “a work dedicated to the frustration and deliciousness of consumer society.” Sounds about right to us. Humorous, upfront, and concise, Pollen Rx’s Buyer’s cassette is an exposition about our modern capitalistic state, delivered with a sly wit and satire that make for some quirky musical juxtapositions.

Raised by Gypsies reviews Pollen – ‘Buyer’s EP’

Raised by Gypsies reviews Pollen‘s Buyer’s EP, out now on cassette:

On the surface, Pollen has created five songs of rock n roll with elements of punk and garage. Their style can pull from influences such as Metric, Franz Ferdinand, Priests and “Insomniac” era Green Day. To put it bluntly: this is a high energy piece of music that will make you want to get up and bop…Though Buyer’s is an EP that hits fast and hard, as if in a single shot, the message within the song resonates and hopefully will be taken into the minds of many as we move forward in time and hope to progress.

EP PREMIERE: The Runout premieres Pollen’s ‘Buyer’s EP’

Bryne Yancey at The Runout premieres the full stream of Pollen‘s Buyer’s EP, out on cassette and digital formats on March 10th.

Pollen use that approachable lens of ’60s garage and early punk as a hook to explore much deeper and very real modern issues…Riveting stuff, and through this lens, the songs end up being weirdly fun as hell while remaining cogent in their messaging.

Rock and Roll Creations reviews Pollen’s “Buyer’s” EP

Rock and Roll Creations reviews Pollen‘s Buyer’s EP, coming out on cassette and digital formats on March 10th:

Full of heavy sounding tunes with a slight punk and indie tone to them, the band also try to highlight social issues with their well-crafted lyrics. With plenty of distorted sounding guitars and vocals, they manage to convey a feeling of living in the modern world with their music.