features Ship of Fools’ new music video “Handle Myself” features the new music video from Ship of Fools:

The sounds of Baton Rouge band Ship of Fools are resonating quite far…filmed by Tamir Ichikawa, Cole Barranco and Bert Adams, with set design by Rob Chidester, inside the Walls Art & Design Center at the base of the Chase Tower downtown. Matthew Schwartz produced the single, entitled “Handle Myself.”

GroundSounds premieres “Handle Myself” by Ship of Fools

GroundSounds premieres the debut single “Handle Myself” by the genre-melding Baton Rouge quartet Ship of Fools, featuring cello by Cuban-born, Venezuela-raised and Switzerland-trained Raudol Palacios; Baton Rouge native Michael Blount on guitar; and LSU students Ashley Monaghan on vocals and Eric Brown on percussion. GroundSounds calls the track “pure sonic goodness.”