KWVA at University of Oregon premieres Silver Ships’ new track “Roads That Lead You Home”


KWVA (University of Oregon) premieres the new single from Silver Ships on “Snap Crackle Pop”! Hear “Roads That Lead Us Home,” released as Silver Ships’ Chazz Bessette relocates to Portland ​from Austin, TX ​to be closer to his father​ ​after the untimely passing of his mother. Silver Ships will soon be heading into the studio​ to ​record​ the follow-up to the debut ​10-song full-length Songs From A Room That Never Moves — “Roads That Lead Us Home​” is the first taste of their new material. ​​


ReadJunk reviews new albums by The Temp Agency artists

Thanks to ReadJunk for a batch of “Lazy Album Reviews” that include new albums by Annalibera, Christian Lee Hutson, Dolls on Fire, Frogbelly and Symphony and Silver Ships!

OVRLD reviews Silver Ships’ album release show

OVRLD reviews Silver Ships‘ release show for the debut album Songs From A Room That Never Moves:

The album is aggressively lo-fi, the vast majority of the band’s lush sound recorded and cut by Bessette himself on tape, without the aid of computers. It gives the recording the muted, tinny sound around the edges that plays in an interesting contrast to Silver Ships’ vibrant sound…On stage, though, Silver ships is all polish, performing as a six-piece band with every moving part in place, well rehearsed and playful in equal turns…an effortless joy.

Selective Memory Magazine reviews Silver Ships’ debut album

Selective Memory Magazine reviews “Songs From A Room That Never Moves,” Silver Ships’ debut album, saying “The soft textures of ‘60s pop is like laying on grass under a sunny day, soaking up the sweet scents of autumn as the breeze and sounds make you float away.” Read the entire review here.

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