Free Press Houston previews Tele Novella show

Free Press Houston previews Tele Novella‘s upcoming show in Houston in its Best of the Week feature, saying “At Walter’s they’ll host the indie pop of Austin’s Tele Novella. This group has this twisted psych sound that slips in and out of their poppy nature. They dropped a song earlier this year called “Trouble In Paradise” that sums their sound up pretty well.”

Flagpole interviews Tele Novella

Flagpole interviews Tele Novella in advance of their show in Athens at Caledonia Lounge, praising their debut EP Cosmic Dial Tone, out on cassette from Lolipop Records:

“Trouble in Paradise,” slinks seductively along, spring reverb coming off Ribbons’ guitar like sparks from a busted street light. The lyrics exude a cool menace, with a few deliberate images setting a dark scene.

Read the interview here.