Ames Tribune previews The River Monks show

Ames Tribune previews The River Monks’ show praising the band’s ability to “bring a childlike wonder to pop-inflected folk tunes but their musicianship and on-stage bearing is anything but childlike. Challenging rhythmic changes and spine-tingling vocal harmonies give them an edge that no other band around here can really touch.”

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Oklahoma Gazette interviews The River Monks

Oklahoma Gazette interviews The River Monks in advance of their show at Blue Note Lounge this Saturday:

The River Monks are proud of their Iowa home, with its big, open plains and tight-knit communities. That terrain is stamped all over the six-piece’s broad, lush take on soaring folk music. Its harmonies are found in the wind sweeping through its bountiful cornfields, and the airy, star-dotted skies offer a vast canvas on which to paint with its whispered melodies and layered orchestration.

Read the interview here!

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Lawrence Journal-World previews The River Monks show

Lawrence Journal-World previews The River Monks show tonight at Jazzhaus!

Des Moines folk pop sextet is on a seven-week tour to support its sophomore full-length album “Home Is The House.” The record mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Cursive, Tokyo Police Club, Damien Jurado), the group is praised for its lush, layered harmonies, sunny instrumentation and driving percussion. The optimism laced in the music will have you smiling along to each track without even knowing it. The six — frontman Ryan Stier, Joel Gettys on percussion, Drew Rauch on bass, Mallory Heggen on trumpet, Nicholas Frampton on guitar, Tommy Boynton on banjo — all contribute vocally, constantly experimenting with various instruments and arrangements, resulting in organic builds and swells.

Read the preview here.

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Tucson Weekly previews The River Monks show

Tucson Weekly previews The River Monks’ upcoming show on June 5th:

On their new album, Home Is the House, released last week…the group continues to create majestic, full-sounding folk music with rich harmonies up front on nearly every song. It’s a lovely record, especially recommended for Lumineers and Mumford & Sons fans looking for something with a bit more richness and depth.

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Des Moines Is Not Boring reviews The River Monks’ album “Home Is The House”

Fantastic review of The River Monks’ album Home Is The House by David Murphy for Des Moines Is Not Boring:

The River Monks are a folk band, ostensibly, but their work transcends any sort of traditional Americana. Banjo, fiddle and acoustic instruments are used often, but the production, the vocals and the harmonies are so grandiose that it pours the simple intricacies into a stunning twelve tracks that I was enraptured by…This is severe thunderstorm music: electric, cleansing, and a feel that overwhelms the senses and reminds you that there are forces at work bigger than all of us.

Read the whole review here!

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Tour Dates: The River Monks

5/16/14: Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
5/17/14: Fairfield, IA – Arbor Bar
5/18/14: Ames, IA – DG’s Taphouse
5/19/14: Omaha, NE – O’leaver’s
5/21/14: Ft. Collins, CO – KRFC Live
5/22/14: Colorado Springs, CO – Ivywild School
5/24/14: Denver, CO – Mercury Cafe
5/26/14: Salt Lake City, UT – The Shred Shed
5/28/14: San Francisco, CA – 50 Mason House
5/29/14: Santa Rosa, CA – TBA
5/30/14: San Rafael, CA – The Plough and Stars
6/1/14: Santa Barbara, CA – Whiskey Richards
6/2/14: Los Angeles, CA – Hotel Cafe
6/3/14: San Luis Obispo, CA – The Frog and Peach
6/4/14: San Diego, CA – The Tin Can
6/5/14: Tucson, AZ – Monterey Court
6/6/14: Tempe, AZ – fiftyonewest
6/7/14: Flagstaff, AZ – Firecreek Coffee Co.
6/8/14: Flagstaff, AZ – Flag Brew
6/10/14: Lubbock, TX – TBA
6/11/14: Amarillo, TX – The 806
6/12/14: Tulsa, OK – Soundpony
6/13/14: Lawrence, KS – Jazzhaus
6/16/14: Cedar Falls, IA – IPR Studio One
6/17/14: Madison, WI – The Frequency
6/18/14: Beloit, WI – The Castle
6/19/14: Chicago, IL – Block 37
6/20/14: Chicago, IL – Louder House
6/21/14: Chicago, IL – The Hideout
6/22/14: Bloomington, IN – TBA
6/25/14: Nashville, TN – The Basement
6/26/14: St. Louis, MO – The Heavy Anchor
6/27/14: Columbia, MO – Cafe Berlin
6/28/14: Oklahoma City, OK – The Blue Note
7/2/14: Rock Island, IL – Daytrotter
7/2/14: Rock Island, IL – Rozz-Tox
7/3/14: Iowa City, IA – Yacht Club