Shout It Loud reviews Trevor Brooks’ EP “Lonely At Its Finest”

Shout It Loud Reviews reviews Trevor Brooks’ debut EP:

[Lonely At Its Finest] shows off the musical talent that backs the singers as well as [Brooks’] song writing ability. The EP has a strong and unmistakable country feel to it that is powered by emotive songs with a heartfelt sound to them, giving the release a very real and honest feel.

For the Country Record premieres Trevor Brooks’ debut release ‘Lonely At Its Finest’

For the Country Record premieres Trevor Brooks‘ debut release Lonely At Its Finest:

This record represents a whole host of heavy emotions and difficult lessons learned…His voice breaks on ‘Steal My Car’ and submits to the dominant electric guitar, while the dobro gives ‘Finished That Bottle Too’ a reflective, melancholic feel, and ‘Talk Me Out of Her’ builds to a passionate crescendo. ‘Bottle up the lonely, let it pour all over me. I’ll sip it slow til I go drowning in your memory,’ Trevor sings on closing track ‘When The Lonely Feels Normal’, an emotive piece of classic Americana to be proud of.

The Boot premieres Trevor Brooks’ debut single “Talk Me Out Of Her”

The Boot premieres the debut single from Nashville country singer/songwriter Trevor Brooks. Check out “Talk Me Out Of Her” from his debut EP, set for release this summer:

Brooks is someone we could get used to hearing: His vocals are warm and inviting as, in this particular song, he earnestly sings about a girl that he wants — but he knows she’s not what he needs. Instead, he begs listeners to, as the title suggests, “talk me out of her.”