Heartbreaking Bravery shares Weird Mob’s video “Nu American Haircutz”

Heartbreaking Bravery shares Weird Mob‘s video for “Nu American Haircutz”:

Throughout the past week there’s been a steady rollout of a slew of great songs and full streams. While the music video category didn’t quite hit the preceding week’s exhilarating highs, there was still solace to be found in some genuinely enjoyable clips from Joe Bordenaro, Algiers (who still have my pick for breakout act of 2015), Weird Mob, and Magic Potion.

Weird Mob on Bucket Full of Nails

Bucket Full of Nails shares Weird Mob‘s new video “Nu American Haircutz”:

Local news as performance art and/or homage to Weird Al’s cinematic opus, UHF, Weird Mob (no known relation to Mr. Yankovic) bring back 1985 in the video for “Nu American Haircutz.”

VIDEO PREMIERE: Brightest Young Things premieres Weird Mob’s “Nu American Haircutz”

Brightest Young Things premieres “likely…year-end best-of list” contender “Nu American Haircutz” by Weird Mob! Front man Dave Gibson says of the video:

Weird Mob is not a cool looking band. We ran with that, casting ourselves as a 1980s news team and shooting the whole thing with the video camera that I bought as a 10 year old in 1987. During production, I was also processing a collection of video tapes related to the 1985 release of New Coke at the Library of Congress, and most of the news clips we incorporated into the video were accurate to the period (including the stock report from March 1985). It was as if I couldn’t escape 1985, at home or at work.

VIDEO PREMIERE: Selective Memory Magazine premieres Weird Mob’s “Hang It Up” video

Weird Mob‘s debut album Wizards is out today! Pick it up at bandcamp and head over to Selective Memory Magazine to see the new “Hang It Up” video. Check out the Q&A to find out what libraries and jazz fusion have to do with Elysium and Mars One.

Music for the intellectual masses, their debut full-length album Wizards (Hibernator Gigs) is unleashed today and it is an album for dreamers based off of the eclectic perception of reality and escapist means from true reality. This band bends prog and synth pop music and re-casts it into a modern brilliance filled with a bonfire of fantastical visions.

ALBUM PREMIERE: Overblown premieres Weird Mob’s debut album ‘Wizards’

Overblown premieres Weird Mob‘s debut album Wizards, with thoughts from the band on each track. Wizards is out on 4/21 on Hibernator Gigs Records.

Weird Mob is certainly an apt moniker for this Charlotte, Virginia synth pop group that seamlessly combines prog, new wave, electro pop, and a touch of post punk. Theirs is an eclectic, and definitely weird, mix, at times odd, at times lighthearted, always catchy.

Weird Mob on Diamond Deposits

Diamond Deposits features Weird Mob‘s “Nu American Haircutz,” the first single from their debut full-length Wizards, out on Hibernator Gigs on April 21st:

Their first single from upcoming debut LP Wizzzzzzzzzzards is Nu American Haircutz a song about road trips and Phill Collins. This synth pop masterpiece has a energetic melody and reminds me a little of The Rentals.

Magnet Magazine features Weird Mob

Weird Mob in Magnet
Weird Mob’s “School For Akters” is Magnet Magazine‘s featured download today:

Hailing from the same Virginian lands that Thomas Jefferson strolled in the colonial era, married synth-driven pop artists Dave Gibson and Renee Reighart are Weird Mob. They just released their debut EP, They’re A Weird Mob, via the Hibernator Gigs label…Download EP track “School For Akters,” a song that would even make the dirty-toothed Mr. Jefferson crack a grin.

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Sirens of Decay picks Weird Mob’s “School For Akters” as Song of the Week


Sirens of Decay picks “School For Akters” by Weird Mob as Song of the Week and deftly unpacks the track:

Weird Mob’s sound isn’t exactly lo-fi, but they possess a definite nostalgia for retro noise and maybe a touch of romanticism for the simplistic. Their biggest strength (on top of their awesome songwriting ideas) is their incredible ability to meld an amazing harmony of guitars and keys. The keys really stood out for me in this track – they create this outer space/twilight sensation…I also appreciate how no singular part of their ensemble dominates another. In the end, it all comes down to Gibson’s vocals and his particular style that provides some strangely sunny take on a movie theater cult.

Read the full review here!

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