Name: Brumby
Members: Oliver Tingey, Spencer Tingey, Tyler Tingey, Dylan Self
Genre: Alternative Western Rock
From: Las Vegas
Contact: webpage / bandcamp / facebook / twitter / instagram



PRESS PHOTO (credit: Ryan Tingey)


The first sentence of a band’s biography typically includes the date or year it was formed. But for Brumby, a rising star in the Las Vegas music scene, it’s not that simple. “We’re not really sure,” says frontman Oliver Tingey. His cousins, guitarist Tyler Tingey and bassist Spencer Tingey, make up the rest of the band along with drummer Dylan Self, their childhood friend.

“It was more of a natural progression,” Oliver continues. “The four of us grew up together and just happened to learn the right instruments. We were always playing together and at one point asked ourselves, ‘Are we in a band right now?’ We gave ourselves a name and went with it.”

The result is a chemistry as uncontrived as the band’s formation. “Brumby nearly brought the roof down with their rowdy performance, which clearly stood out from the others,” wrote Kolbie Stonehocker in City Weekly after watching the band win the 2014 Velour Battle of The Bands, former winners including Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees. “[They] launched into their set with energy that seemed to fill the air with electricity.”

In March 2014 Brumby released an extended play produced by indie artist Joshua James titled The Westwind Kid EP written mostly through letters and emails while the four bandmates temporarily lived in different countries. It was quickly assembled and recorded when they returned to the United States. The four tracks serve as a brief glimpse into Brumby’s signature sound – subtly, though undeniably, Western – a sound which has continued to develop and expand since the release.

The band has made considerable buzz in their hometown Las Vegas. Brumby was voted “Best Local Band” two times this year: both in Desert Companion’s Best of The City 2016 and in Las Vegas Weekly’s Best of Vegas 2016. Their short yet impressive history also includes sharing the stage with global superstars Imagine Dragons, performances with Young The Giant, and a #1 spot in Las Vegas Weekly’s 10 Acts to Hear This Year.