Magnet Magazine features The Shivers’ single “Soulmate” as MP3 at 3PM

MAGNET Magazine is featuring The Shivers‘ new single “Soulmate” as today’s MP3 at 3PM!

“This afternoon, we’re bringing ‘Soulmate’ to your attention: a steamy song that slithers along with a sad romance in its mellow keyboard backbone.”

Magnet Magazine premieres Tomten’s single “Cloud Man Calling” for stream/download


MAGNET Magazine has the first listen of Tomten‘s new track “Cloud Man Calling”: “it’s a gentle and effervescent tune that’s sure to get you on the hook for the album’s July 7 release.”

Download the 2nd single from their forthcoming album CREMATION SONGS, out 7/7/17 on Plume Records on LP/CD/DL.

I wrote ‘Cloud Man Calling’ after doing some music with my friend Shenadoah for this theater event called The Crystal Palace. It was a bizarre interactive tour through this old building in Seattle with different characters and winter-themed rooms. We had our synthesizers set up in this stairwell where we played little jingles wearing these stupid silver suits with our faces painted white. After the performance, I liked the idea of writing a song about Cloud Man–whatever he/it is, still a mystery to me.

Magic Magic Roses premiere first single “In Time” with Vents Magazine

Hear the beautiful new track “In Time,” the first single off Dusk, the forthcoming album from San Francisco dreamy folk band Magic Magic Roses due out at the end of the year on Seattle’s Plume Records:

I started writing ‘In Time’ on a plane to Hawaii, and much of the song takes its cue from being there and searching for shells on the beach. It’s a funny activity, because you are searching and searching and sometimes you don’t find anything, and sometimes you think you’ve found something spectacular, and then you take it home and you realize it’s just a normal rock or something. You have to trust that the ocean will bring you some wonderful treasure someday. I was thinking about this process as a metaphor for relationships…the song again relates to the idea of reckoning – recognizing when something isn’t right and moving on…throwing it back in the ocean!

Check it out over at Vents Magazine!

Performer Magazine premieres The Watters’ single “DNA”


Performer Magazine premieres “DNA,” the new single from The Watters from their forthcoming album Great Unknown, out on July 1st:

This song screams against being a corporate guinea pig. I tried to compare the seductive associations used by mainstream corporations that make us believe cars and computers are ‘sexy’ to that of a ‘perfect’ human being. It’s hard not to long for that perfection in things…However, the veneer of perfection is a dangerous one.

Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres Druids’ new single “Capturing the Firemares”


Heavy Blog Is Heavy premieres the new single “Capturing the Firemares” from Druids‘ forthcoming album Cycles of Mobeum, coming out on June 3rd from Sump Pump Records:

The stuff is pretty great, and has tinges of Mastodon and early Baroness all throughout it. The production is extremely crisp and cutting, which is not something I’m used to hearing from this type of band, so it threw me for a bit of surprise. However, once you understand it’s what the band was going for, you’ll be all about it.


Surviving the Golden Age premieres John Dillon single “The Fox”


Surviving the Golden Age premieres “The Fox,” the new single from Seattle’s John Dillon (members of Tomten, Kithkin, & friends), from their debut album The Lost Estate – coming out on vinyl and digital from Plume Records on March 25th:

“The track mixes vintage aesthetics with modern dream pop…reminiscent of Edwyn Collins‘ “A Girl Like You” with a sci-fi tilt.”

Exclaim premieres Phosphene single “Ride”


Exclaim! has the premiere of Phosphene‘s new single “Ride”:

That tightened sound shines through on “Ride,” without losing any of the hazy breeziness that draws the listener in and keeps them swaying along and raptly gazing at their shoes. Hear the band serve up their latest slice of sweet, shoegaze-y goodness by hitting play.

Copperfox single “Feel in the Void” premieres on GroundSounds


The new Copperfox single “Feel in the Void” premieres over at GroundSounds!

“Featuring haunting pop melodies over moody chord structures, Nashville based dream-pop ensemble Copperfox are gearing up for their third release, the forthcoming EP ‘Haunts.’ The project is layered with atmospheric vibes and surging synths…”

Copperfox single “War Horse” premieres on Surviving the Golden Age


“War Horse,” the first single from Copperfox’s forthcoming EP HAUNTS, just premiered over at Surviving the Golden Age!

[‘War Horse’] straddles the line between shoegaze and jangle pop. With singer Lisa Garcia’s reverbed vocals, the track is reminiscent of Lush or Dum Dum Girls. With its energy and surfy vibes, its a summer ready track released just before Christmas.

Infectious Magazine premieres Pageant song “Dont Stop the Rain”


Infectious Magazine premieres the new single from Pageant, “Don’t Stop the Rain,” from their forthcoming Endless Sun EP, out on November 13th:

Today we have teamed up with Nashville’s own folk-pop siblings Derek and Erika Porter, who are better known as Pageant, to bring you the second single from their upcoming sophomore EP Endless Sun, titled “Don’t Stop The Rain.” The track is upbeat and will instantly put you in a good mood! What better way is there to start your weekend than listening to a song that is sure to make you even happier it’s Friday?

KWVA at University of Oregon premieres Silver Ships’ new track “Roads That Lead You Home”


KWVA (University of Oregon) premieres the new single from Silver Ships on “Snap Crackle Pop”! Hear “Roads That Lead Us Home,” released as Silver Ships’ Chazz Bessette relocates to Portland ​from Austin, TX ​to be closer to his father​ ​after the untimely passing of his mother. Silver Ships will soon be heading into the studio​ to ​record​ the follow-up to the debut ​10-song full-length Songs From A Room That Never Moves — “Roads That Lead Us Home​” is the first taste of their new material. ​​

The Oklahoman premieres Paul Benjaman Band’s “Estoy Loco”


“I’m trying to capture what’s going on during this really exciting time for Tulsa music…Playing live all the time…albums are your timepieces,” Benjaman said. “As the years go by, that’s the only thing you’ve got to show.”

Check out the interview with Paul Benjaman Band in The Oklahoman, and hear the premiere of “Estoy Loco,” the 2nd single from the forthcoming album “Sneaker” coming out on Horton Records on October 30th!