Smile Politely chooses Muscle Worship show as Editor’s Pick

Smile Politely chooses Müscle Wörship’s Champaign show as an editor’s pick!

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Tour Dates: Muscle Worship

5/23/14: Minneapolis, MN – 331 Club
5/24/14: Milwaukee, WI – Frank’s Power Plant
5/25/14: Champaign, IL – Error Records
5/27/14: Dayton, OH – Canal Street Tavern
5/28/14: Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
5/29/14: Detroit, MI – TBA
5/30/14: Grand Rapids, MI – Mulligan’s Pub
5/31/14: Chicago, IL – Quenchers
6/1/14: Chicago, IL – Do Division St. Fest
6/2/14: Des Moines, IA – Vaudeville Mews
6/3/14: Iowa City, IA – Trumpet Blossom Cafe
6/4/14: Kansas City, KS – House Show
6/5/14: St. Louis, MO – Schlafly Tap Room
6/6/14: Lawrence, KS – Replay Lounge

The Pitch previews Muscle Worship homecoming show

The Pitch previews Müscle Wörship’s homecoming show at Replay Lounge:

If you’re looking for a relaxing weeknight show, you should steer clear of the Replay on Thursday. Lawrence rock quintet Muscle Worship is about the furthest thing from chilled out, and these guys wouldn’t have it any other way. The group makes wild, reckless-sounding music and puts on live shows known for their formidable volume. But it’s not meathead stuff; Muscle Worship’s self-titled LP, released this past March, is a complex, varied offering that balances punk influences with an affinity for noise.

Read the whole piece here!

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Larryville Chronicles previews Muscle Worship homecoming show

Larryville Chronicles previews Müscle Wörship’s homecoming show at Replay Lounge:

And it’s not Christmas in LFK till shit gets LOUD, so catch Muscle Worship at the Replay on Thursday along with American Cream (great name!) and This Is My Condition. We expect they’ll all be playing some holiday favorites, cranked up to 11. And you surely haven’t lived till you’ve heard Craig Comstock’s version of “Silent Night.” (spoiler alert: it ain’t very fucking silent). Muscle Worship is just back from tour, and you may have heard that they’ve joined up with The Temp Agency. You can find all kinds of sweet press on the band via The Temp Agency’s site…Also, how in HELL did we not realize that Müscle Wörship uses not one but two umlauts. As fans of unusually punctuated bands, we can dig it!

Check it out here!

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DC Rock Live reviews Muscle Worship show

photo by David Hintz, DC Rock Live

DC Rock Live reviews Müscle Wörship’s show at The Velvet Lounge:

[Müscle Wörship is] a power trio in the manner of Mission of Burma and have a highly similar noisy approach to pop, very ragged, very jagged. I also hear some of the noisy guitar moves Honor Role did live…A really fun set by a very interesting band. I would be happy to hear more any time.

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