Name: Cubits
Members: Nicholas Naioti (electronic and analog drums), Michael Dugan (synth, bass, backing vocals), Parker DeMers (vocals, guitar)
Genre: Electronic Shoegaze
From: Fairfield, IA
Contact: facebook


PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Isaac Winkler)

When they aren’t running The Arbor bar, the hub of an inclusive, young, diverse music scene in the heart of downtown Fairfield, IA — the sub-10,000 pop. city dubbed “Silicorn Valley” for its surfeit of software & tech companies and known as the world’s largest training center for practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation technique (see: Maharishi University of Management and David Lynch Foundation) — Nicholas Naioti, Michael Dugan and Parker DeMers create moody electro-shoegaze space-prog as Cubits, formed in the Spring of 2015 under the influence of Beach House, Porches and Carl Sagan with the goal of composing more playful, impulsive and intuitive music than any that they had been creating with prior projects (MR NASTI, Annalibera, Captain Ascender).

Drummer Nicholas Naioti says, “What we enjoy most is finding a balance between complexity and impulsiveness. We’re interested in creating a framework from which we can improvise but still maintain attention to detail.”

Cubits are preparing to release their debut EP this winter and will be touring throughout September to road-test their new material. The band is releasing the first single, “Oh Well That Ends Well,” to coincide with their upcoming September tour. Naioti has this to say about the song:

The concept of the lead single “Oh Well That Ends Well” centers on the complacency necessary to be an adult – that feeling of knowing that you’re supposed to pay attention to things but forgetting to. We spent weeks in the studio constructing the song, trying different structures and experimenting, and we were really happy with how it turned out.

Catch Cubits on the road with The Mailboxes:

9/17/16: Ames, IA – Maximum Ames Music Festival
9/19/16: St. Louis – Foam
9/20/16: Columbia, MO – Eastside
9/22/16: Kansas City – Records With Merritt
9/23/16: Fairfield, IA – The Arbor
9/24/16: Cedar Falls, IA – Octopus
9/27/16: Winona, MN – Midwest Music Store
9/29/16: Chicago – Township
9/30/16: Rock Island – Rozz Tox
10/1/16: Springfield, IL – Radon Lounge