Name: John Dillon
From: Seattle
Members: Dillon Sturtevant and friends
Record Label: Plume Records
Contact: webpage / bandcamp / facebook / soundcloud


PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Allyce Andrew)


John Dillon is a band in Seattle playing the songs of Dillon Sturtevant. Songs that had lain spinning on hard-drives or clinging to cassette for years, transforming and shifting over the course of life-changes (including a move out to Seattle), finally made it to the light of day when members of Tomten, Kithkin, and friends got together to perform them live, for others. The first record The Lost Estate coalesced out of this backlog of music and became sharpened, expanded, and will be available on vinyl LP from Plume Records in March 2016, and is already in the world on cassette from Never Anything Records. The single “Death Mask” will be released by Plume Records on January 22, 2016.

The album is a collection of pop songs, more or less, if a genre tag helps. Characterized by lush production, hi-lo-fi sounds, sincerity laced with humor, humor laced with melancholy, and a melodic bent. The Lost Estate was recorded in collaboration with engineer Andy Meyer in the summer of 2014 in Seattle. Live, the songs continue to transform and evolve in the hands of the players. John Dillon will be touring the Northwest and beyond in late March 2016.

1. Prelude
2. The Fox
3. Maria
4. Holy Fool
5. Living in Sin
6. Shenandoah
7. Death Mask
8. Last Golden Age
9. Friends Like Me
10. The Lost Estate
11. You Never Call