Name: Matt Jordan
Genre: Country Rock
From: Nashville/St. Louis
Contact: web / soundcloud / twitter / facebook / instagram


PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Jason Krupek)


Matt Jordan is an award winning songwriter and Nashville recording artist. Matt grew up in Eureka, MO and moved to Nashville at the age of 20.

Matt blends his storytelling lyrics reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles and Tom Petty with modern sounds similar to Eric Church, Lee Brice and Kip Moore. In a country music genre where lyrics have seemingly been second priority in recent years, Matt brings meaning to his songs while still implementing the catchy sounds we scan our radio dials looking for today.

During his time in Nashville, Matt has recorded two EPs with grammy-nominated producer, Sal Oliveri: The Nothing Like Home EP is a 7 song demo EP, available for free download at and the Alive EP is Matt’s first ever full band EP, released in June of 2015.

After just two years in Nashville, doors are opening up for Matt. He’s been writing with some of the best young talent in Nashville and working hand in hand with Taylor Swift’s former manager, Rick Barker. In the slow moving pendulum that is the music industry, Matt is determined to continue making waves fast.