Name: Moon Palace
Members: Cat Biell (vocals, guitar), Carrie Biell (vocals, bass), Bryn Santillan (vocals, guitar, trumpet), Darcey Zoller (cello), Jude Miqueli (drums)
From: Seattle
Label: Plume Records
Links: webpage / instagram / facebook / twitter / soundcloud / bandcamp



PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Loren Othon)

Moon Palace is a 5-piece all-female queer American rock band based in Seattle, WA. The band formed in 2016 and consists of twin sisters Cat Biell (guitar, vocals) and Carrie Biell (bass, vocals), Bryn Santillan (guitar, vocals, trumpet), Darcey Zoller (cello) and Jude Miqueli (drums). Their sound is inspired by vast landscapes, invisible forces, and how we relate to each other. The band employs traditional and electronic instruments as their songs are dominated by the use of vocal harmonies.

Moon Palace members identify as queer and are active in political and feminist causes. Prior to working in Moon Palace, Cat Biell led indie electronic band Lucy Bland from 2005-2010 in Seattle, WA. Carrie Biell released two solo albums: Autumn On You & When Your Feet Hit the Stars. Darcy is the cello player in Tenderfoot. Bryn is the lead guitarist and vocalist in Wishbeard. Jude played drums for Tenderfoot and Wishbeard.

The Moon Palace self-titled debut album, which CityArts calls “a shimmering shoegazey affair,” finds the band further experimenting with collaboration, melodies, and song structures. This record is based on Cat’s desert dreams. Carrie had this to say about lead single “Desert of Devotion”:

“Desert of Devotion” is a song I wrote with Cat which ended up naturally fitting in with our whole dreamy desert vibe. For me it’s about building a home with somebody and surviving the rough elements together, so to speak. It’s about starting over with that same person and wanting to rebuild because of the deep love and history that keeps you endlessly devoted.

Moon Palace is due out on Plume Records on October 13th, 2017, with an album release show on October 24th, 2017 in Seattle at Chop Suey.


“Arriving just in time for blanket season, Seattle supergroup Moon Palace’s eponymous debut evokes a twilit dream world, windswept-clean of angst and ugliness. Even in its dual-harmony, cello-smoothed serenity, a wild ember smolders within this album-closing micro-epic[, ‘Canyon’].” – CityArts Seattle