Name: Shivery Shakes
Genre: Indie Pop
From: Austin
Members: William Glosup (Vocals/Guitar), Marcus Haddon (Vocals/Drums), Andrew Penmer (Bass), Jack Thorton (Guitar)
Contact: webpage / facebook / twitter / bandcamp



PRESS PHOTOS (credit: Pooneh Ghana)

In this modern era, where nearly every “indie” rock band blends eras of music that came before them; Shivery Shakes stand to set themselves apart with their own brand of minimal jangly-pop for a sound that defies nostalgia. The band was sewn together by escapism and happenstance from Austin music veterans (formerly of The Bubbles, International Waters & More). Their first release, the eponymous Shivery Shakes EP, came in March 2012. It was an ode to the hopeless yet enlightened slacker-ism by which the city of Austin is defined. It was a tiny manifesto on how to party like a beach bum even if you’re landlocked.

The recordings and live shows brought the band much acclaim, earning them a 2013 Austin Music Blogger Award, and even their very own “Shivery Shakes Day” as awarded by the mayor of Austin, TX. Their live set is captivating, dominated by the sharp interplay between punchy guitars and surf-beat drums, all washed in a river of paisley-soaked melodies. Shivery Shakes have earned their local stripes with these riotous shows, which have led to opening gigs for The Soft Pack and Surfer Blood. December 2013 saw the group begin their relationship with Punctum Records, releasing the Sidewalk Talk 7″ on flex-disc, which expanded on the musical palette that the group began with.

After getting their feet wet with a journeyman’s tour of the East Coast in Summer of 2014, Shivery Shakes released their debut LP Three Waves & A Shake (co-released Punctum & Austin Town Hall Records) at the end of 2014. The album was met with acclaim from national and regional publications, and the band toured nationally throughout 2015. They are currently tracking their second full-length release, and debuting new songs as they continue to tour regionally and nationally in 2016.


Though it may feel too soon to get nostalgic for summer, the reverb-tinged guitars make it hard not to recall sanguine beach days.” — Consequence of Sound

Their playing abilities and charm are apparent right from the start.” —

They’re taking their love of jangly guitar music to a new level.” — Texas Monthly

Shimmery hooks and beach side harmonies await you. There isn’t a bad vibe in sight, the beer is cold and the breeze is mild. Take off your shoes and stay a while. The only downside to Three Waves and a Snake is that the 10 tracks eventually end. Facts of life, man. Unlike a summer romance, though, you never have to say goodbye. Just flip that record over and start it all again.” — Sly Vinyl

Shivery Shakes doesn’t mess around with the lo-fi garage-pop formula, yet the Austin band achieves a rare bittersweet charm.” — Time Out New York

With a single like the one here, we’re anticipating a serious hit. The embodied sounds of the track give us a ’60s take at surf-rock which leaves us feeling like we’re at the beach no matter where we give it a listen.” — Hilly Dilly

Four piece pop machine Shivery Shakes surfs like a revved-up Real Estate on March’s eponymous EP, a jangly sampler filled with all the optimism of a summer fling.” — The Austin Chronicle

Their take on retro pop is delightfully developed yet maintains a youthful spirit.” — The Aquarian

Already established as one of the city’s most promising acts, Shivery Shakes solidify that reputation on their debut LP. Standout single “Hold On” boasts a bright, Ventures-like retro vibe and kicks off a lineup of tight, up-tempo beats, breezy ’60s-style harmonies, crunchy reverb and slick surf-pop guitar riffs.” — Austin Monthly

As for keeping summer eternal well into the winter season, sounds like these guys got things right the first time.” — Consider Collective

Austin’s Shivery Shakes are a breath of fresh air — their Three Waves & A Shake delivers a bit of jangle, a bit of twang, a bit of roots rock, a bit of surf, and plenty of reverb and polish.” — When You Motor Away