Members: Dylan Sires (vocals, guitar), Ross Klemz (drums), Graham Howland (bass)
From: Waterloo, IA
Genre: Midwest Indie Pop
Record Label: Tobi Parks, Station 1 Records
Contact: Station 1 Records / webpage / bandcamp / facebook / twitter / youtube / soundcloud / iTunes




On October 21st, Waterloo/Des Moines, IA based band SIRES will be releasing their debut album Soul for Sale on Station 1 Records. The collection, produced by Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, Holy White Hounds, Envy Corp), is a refreshing reminder that rock n’ roll can be both brash and heartbreakingly seductive.

“I explored my seven deadly sins and turned them into pop songs,” says Singer/Guitarist Dylan Sires. “Each track was made with the intent of creating my own version of a hit song; hence Soul for Sale because it’s absolutely true. This album was made to be heard, and if I had a soul to sell, it’d be on Amazon!”

Having achieved regional success under different monikers, Dylan Sires, Ross Klemz & Graham Howland as SIRES have delivered the defining work of their collaboration. The record is an anomaly in these modern times. Sires’ soulful croon is deeply rooted in the pre-Beatles American songbook while the music is direct and immediate.

“When we set out to make this record, we wanted to make something that was classic that had a timeless quality. Creating an album is such a gift and we did not want to take it for granted. We pined over every note, questioned every change…We took no short cuts.”

The first single, “She’s Into Me,” was inspired by a PBS documentary about the Dave Clark Five and Beyond, though the subtext is far more prurient:

“The song is about using someone’s romantic interest to your advantage. It’s bare bones and primordial in nature, which is where the video came from. We wanted to make a video that was part horror and part teenage wet dream.”

Clocking in at seven and a half minutes, the video is SIRES homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” but is reminiscent of horror films of the 70’s and 80’s.

SIRES may show their appreciation for bygone eras on Soul for Sale, but this band is most definitely of this moment.

SIRES will be touring this fall in support of the album. Full tour itinerary to be announced soon.

Soul for Sale Track Listing
01 My Everything
02 Feeling Right
03 She’s Into Me
04 Turn It Up
05 God of Love
06 Only One
07 Deep In the Dark
08 Hands Are Shaky
09 Color Book
10 Don’t Black Out
11 Mordu Too