Band Bombshell reviews Field Division show

Band Bombshell reviews Field Division‘s recent show at Vaudeville Mews:

Field Division’s music comes from a place of youthful unrest, of wanderlust, of putting your hometown in the rearview mirror until it looks as small as it feels…Their music comes from the ability to close your eyes while sitting inside on an overcast day and actually feel the sun on your face. Their music, however deeply rooted it may be in the the peaceful tranquility of an Iowa childhood, has its head irretrievably lost up in the clouds of the western skies.

Dimestore Saints reviews Field Division’s debut EP Reverie State

Dimestore Saints reviews Field Division’s debut EP Reverie State and designates the release “Best New Music.”

while “faultlines” explores the pastoral realm of field division’s sound, its immediate successor is much darker and more sinister in instrumentation, a subterranean bass line more so felt than heard holding the track together. combined with taylor’s soaring vocal melody throughout the chorus and frampton’s spacious, rolled guitar chords, “of lives we’ve never known” finds the duo quickly flexing an equally-impressive dream-pop muscle…reverie state is a concise package that showcases a young project of seasoned musicians with a bright future.

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Folk Radio UK premieres Field Division’s “Hollow Body Weather”

Folk Radio UK premieres Field Division’s music video for “Hollow Body Weather” from their forthcoming debut EP, out this Tuesday:

I’ll be honest, when I was offered the video premiere Hollow Body Weather I was immediately smitten by Evelyn’s dreamy vocals and their rich pastoral sound…The video works so well on many different levels, refracted lights, hazy filtered scenes compliment the recollection of past memories ‘waking dreams’…it’s stunning.

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