Name: Tiny Kingdoms
Members:Jake Newling (Drums), Nico Miura (Guitar, Vocals), Nick Collis (Bass), Ryan Mitchell (Guitar)
Genre: Post-Rock, Alternative
From: Villa Park, IL
Record Label: Whelmed Records
Contact: webpage / bandcamp / facebook / twitter / instagram / youtube / spotify


PRESS PHOTO (credit: Kyle Bergfors)


With their second release on Whelmed Records, Tiny Kingdoms thoroughly transition from modern pop punk & the emo spectrum to a raw & stripped down acoustic release with four tracks that will engross anyone who is listening. The Chicago quartet was named one of AbsolutePunk’s “Absolute 100” bands of 2015 and with the release of Stay & I’ll Wait Around, Tiny Kingdoms continues to build on this praise.

Ranging from delicate and melodic to energetic and dynamic, Tiny Kingdoms carefully tip-toes between genres as they inject their own unique spin with meticulously crafted guitar work and soaring vocals.


On the surface I’ll Wait Around certainly sounds different to the rest of Tiny Kingdoms’ back catalogue, but it’s immediately obvious that a lot of thought has gone into the structure of the songs and how to accommodate the challenges that come with writing acoustic music. “Your Bones” is a strong opening statement as Nico’s faultless vocals, softly sung for the most part, are complimented perfectly by the guitars and strings. – Punktastic

The writing is complex, with an extremely catchy chorus that I’ve been singing along to repeatedly since I’ll Wait Around dropped. “Your Bones” accentuates their individual talents while generating an idea of what Tiny Kingdoms is capable of as a unit. – Untold Music Promotion