Press: The Diamond Center in Need Supply Co.

Richmond’s vintage boutique Need Supply Co highlights The Diamond Center’s new tracks, Transcendental Truth tour, SXSW dates, and 7″ release show.

“The Diamond Center, one of Richmond’s famed favorite and most unpredictable psych bands, have embarked on their Transcendental Truth Tour 2012…This record is something else. It was recorded reel-to-reel in the Magic Twig Community’s Mystic Fortress recording studio (The Young Sinclairs, Sad Cobras, Eternal Summers, etc.). 300 were pressed and  you’ll want to grab one fast. Nearly every inch of this vinyl is used; 13 minutes of reverb soaked guitars swooning vocals and haunting melodies, it’s sure to send you into another world.”

// The Diamond Center media page //

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