Tour Dates: The Van Allen Belt

The Van Allen Belt is hitting the road this spring and summer while the band preps their upcoming album, newly incorporating projected visuals into their live performance.

May 4th: Toledo, OH – Ottawa Tavern
May 5th: Ann Arbor, MI – Elks Pratt Lodge
May 6th: Oberlin, OH – Cat In The Cream Coffeehouse (Oberlin College)
May 12th: Columbus, OH – Kafe Kerouac
May 25th: Frederick, MD – Cafe Nola
May 26th: Morgantown, WV – 123 Pleasant Street
June 1st: Cincinnati, OH – Comet Bar
June 2nd: Hamilton, OH – Galaxy CDs
June 8th: Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Roboto Project
June 9th: Youngstown, OH – Lemon Grove Cafe
June 16th: Richmond, VA – The Cellar Door
June 20th: Scranton, PA – Vintage Theatre
June 21st: Brooklyn, NY – Goodbye Blue Monday
June 22nd: New York, NY – Lit Lounge
June 23rd: Philadelphia, PA – The Fire
June 30th: Pittsburgh, PA – Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
July 8th: New York, NY – Pianos
July 9th: Brooklyn, NY – Cameo Gallery
July 11th: Pittsburgh, PA – Brillobox
July 19th: Charlottesville, VA – The Box
July 22nd: Youngstown, OH – Lemon Grove Cafe
July 26th: Erie, PA – Crooked I
Aug. 3rd: Columbus, OH – Till
Aug. 4th: Dayton, OH – Blind Bob’s
Aug. 9th: Pittsburgh, PA – 31st St. Pub
Aug. 11th: Youngstown, PA – Lemon Grove Cafe
Sep. 6th: Detroit, MI – Garden Bowl
Sep. 8th: Oberlin, OH – Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse

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