Press: The Diamond Center in Styrofoam Drone

The Styrofoam Drone reviews The Diamond Center’s new California/Bells 7″!

Both tracks included here last way past the five minute mark, coming together for a near 13 minute single that would certainly have destructive results in a live setting. Opening track “California” features a sea of fuzzy and swirling guitars, scattered carefully between the gorgeous and blissful vocals that sound masked by a glowing veil of smoke. As the track unfolds these guitars create a sort of unsettling strobe light texture which helps greatly intensify the dynamics as they go from big to small to big again. They do it all in a seamless manner, never missing a beat as these comprehensive songs are worth every last second…The same goes for the B-side track “Bells” which is even longer. The track features oddly twangy guitars and lysergic synthesizers, creating yet another subtly destructive treasure. Once you get started you will find yourself completely immersed for the 13 minute duration – you have been warned!

// The Diamond Center media page //

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