Full Stream: Songs In The Key Of Bob – GBV-inspired compilation by Hibernator Gigs Records

Songs In The Key Of Bob

“Songs In The Key Of Bob” is a ten minute journey through a shared obsession, inspired by one man’s torment during a bleak stint sorting books in a library warehouse. Adam Brock, front man for Borrowed Beams of Light and drummer for Invisible Hand and Weird Mob, found his mind running to flights of fancy in an effort to stave off the boredom of book sorting, re-imagining the titles of the theses and journals which he came across as Guided By Voices song titles, encountering such names as Cream of the Jesters and Popular Dogs. Brock made up a list of the best titles, which he circulated to several of his favorite bands with simple instructions to pick a title and write the best approximation of a GBV song, keeping the songs short while utilizing 4-track or 8-track cassette recording technology, all in the spirit of Dayton, Ohio’s finest indie band.

The compilation features seven tracks, from the catchy crunch of Invisible Hand‘s opener “Dinosaur Treadmill” to the lowest of low fi burst of energy that is Left & Right‘s “Reexamination Of Fallout Materials”, the sinister groove of Borrowed Beams of Light‘s “Stone Cutters Journal” to the poppy balladry of Weird Mob‘s “Unified Warehouse Terminal”. The mighty Naked Gods throw down the triumphant minute and a half epic “Drinking Penicillin At The Wedding” and Digging Up Virgins conjure the spirit of Tobin Sprout with the gentle “Viet Cong Motivation”. The comp concludes with The Moore Brothers and their hauntingly beautiful “Alice Bird”.

The comp will be available on May 28th in limited quantities on blue vinyl, and can be streamed in its entirety here:

// Hibernator Gigs Records media page //

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