C-VILLE Weekly reviews Hibernator Gigs records compilation

C-VILLE Weekly digs into the new Hibernator Gigs records compilation “Songs In The Key Of Bob”, detailing the origin story of Adam Brock in a library warehouse surrounded by archival materials and re-imagining periodical titles as lost Guided By Voices tracks.

“Adam Brock turns boredom into brilliance with Songs in the Key of Bob, a cover concept album that riffs on titles of archive periodicals…The results are immediately satisfying, so much so that it might take multiple listens, or a peek at the liner notes, to discover the record’s real premise: These songs are not, in fact, reinterpretations of Guided By Voices songs, but original compositions played in the style of the band; it’s a pastiche, rather than a covers record.”

Read the whole piece here.

// Hibernator Gigs Records media page //

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