Decoder Magazine premieres The Van Allen Belt video “Songs”

The Van Allen Belt Decoder Mag

The Van Allen Belt recently released a 7” entitled “Songs”, and have just finished the video for the title track, which Decoder Magazine is premiering today, saying “‘Songs’ is a busy piece of hallucinogenic pop from one of the Steel City’s most underrated bands.”

Vocalist Tamar Kamin describes the concept of the video:

“We shot this on location at an abandoned level floor of what was once a Woolworth’s in Youngstown, OH. It is rumored to be the first existing location of the business chain. We complemented the old-fashioned look of the set and props with a unique process that Scott [Taylor] developed using analog and digital video feedback. The result is evocative of our group’s collaborative style, patching modern visual effects onto historic foundations. Many of the effects you’ll see here were captured in a live setting and were visible to the crew as we stood beside the camera…We explored how the duality of our group dynamic interacts, arranging snapshots of our influences in a playful way to mimic the sampling of music using film language.”

Check out the “Songs” video at Decoder Magazine!

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