The Deli Magazine KC premieres The Peculiar Pretzelmen’s new song “Howling Gale”

The Peculiar Pretzelmen have premiered their new track “Howling Gale” from the forthcoming Gentlemen Scoundrels: Rule Book Volume I EP with The Deli Magazine KC! Michelle Bacon of The Deli describes the song as

a bare bones but vicious three-minute attack that is simultaneously sparse and mammoth. M. Incroyable’s aggressive vocal phrasings tower over his austere banjo riff. The Deacon drives each song with unique percussion, which, according to their bio, is “less drum kit and more spoils of an old man’s work bench.” The chicks and booms of various found objects round out the gritty, in-your-face vibe of the track.

// The Peculiar Pretzelmen media page //

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