The Peculiar Pretzelmen premiere “John The Revelator” on Popa’s Tunes!

The Peculiar Pretzelmen premiere their version of blues staple “John The Revelator”, which “takes shape amidst a stormy build, with the layered swell of theremin, electric mandola, and moody baritone sax punctuated with expectant gongs and torn open by the chillingly rabid call and sweetly echoing response that imbue the prophet’s declaration with terror and excitement.”

The Peculiar Pretzelmen lurk in the shadows emitting eerie sounds and spectral lights luring the curious and adventurous down dark alleys and untrodden lanes to flashy Cabaret’s and conspiratle Pubs. Whispers from unseen corners rise to a claterous chant Deeper, Darker, Weirder. Deeper, Darker, Weirder. Here at Popa’s Tunes world headquaters we are fixated on things Deeper. Darker, Weirder, and The Deacon with his ‘Felix the Cat’ bag of magical intruments and the mysterious M. Incroyable of The Peculiar Pretzelmen have a voodoo spell on us and everything they do gets us dancing like banshees with rubber chickens around ceremonial fires…

Check out “John The Revelator” over at Popa’s Tunes!

// The Peculiar Pretzelmen media page //

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