The Sound of Confusion reviews Borrowed Beams of Light album

The Sound of Confusion reviews Borrowed Beams of Light’s new album On The Wings of a Bug:

On The Wings of A Bug is filled with glittering noisy pop tunes with a light folkish layer, as well as other key influences such as Lindsey Buckingham, Destroyer & Robyn Hitchcock. There is no evidence of lurking shadows in this collection; these songs are made to be physically and mentally addictive. You will find yourself listening to these songs over and over again…This album is covered with catchy hooks and memorable songs. It’s a joyous and harmonious listen; a vibrating euphoria of pop that revisits a basket of influences…well-crafted and built for playlists everywhere. I highly recommend this frothing assortment of songs that is simply sweet and jubilant.

Read the whole review here!

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