Event: Morbid Curiositease presents Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Long before television and radio, tales were weaved and passed on from generation to generation. A common tradition became telling scary tales or ghost stories around a fire. Morbid Curiositease is bringing the tradition back, for one night only at Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle on August 2nd. Armitage Shanks will be your story teller for an evening of folk tales and performance art in the form of dance, music, belly dance, burlesque and aerial.

Musical entertainment by:
L’Orchestre D’Incroyable

Tales provided by:
Gale Force
La Petite Mort
Christine Anne
Stevi Sailor St Claire
Judy Patootie
Jesus La Pinga
Danse Carouselle
Boom Boom L’Roux
Czech Mate & Penelope Rose
Crystal Tassels
Persephone Illyri
Tootsie Spangles

8pm | $22 presale, $25 walk-up | $15 for “Campfire Seats” (cross-legged on the floor)
Tickets here.
More information on the performers here.

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