Central Track previews Kentucky Knife Fight

Central Track previews Kentucky Knife Fight in advance of their Dallas show at The Double Wide:

Over the past few years, we’ve seen St. Louis hard-edged blues rockers Kentucky Knife Fight so many times (read: at least a couple dozen) that we sometimes forget they’re not locals. In fact, it’s not until they express a little too much enthusiasm for regional delicacies like Lone Star and Whataburger that we’re reminded that they really aren’t from around here. As anyone who’s seen Kentucky Knife Fight perform live can attest to, that’s a sentiment that comes pretty naturally: Not only do the boys roll through town fairly often during their relentless trips across the country, but their dueling guitar licks, frenetically hip bass lines and fist-pumping choruses just have a way of drawing the listener in.

// Kentucky Knife Fight media page //

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