White Girl on I Heart Local Music

I Heart Local Music features White Girl and his forthcoming 7″ “M.E.T.R.O.R.O.C.K.” b/w “Cocky,” out November 4th on Nice, Nice Records with a release party on Halloween at Riot Room in Kansas City:

You really have to be a mastermind to pull off what this guy does…Bush creates his own special brand of electro and techno that could really get the masses moving. The one-man-band sings through a series of vocal effects over a flurry of his own electronic noises. The songs have a solid structure and should really turn some heads in this town. Additionally, his presentation is phenomenal. He sits atop of some sort of glowing space ship he put together, constantly enveloped in fog and lasers while projections play on a large screen next to him. It’s a neon, electronic, 80′s dance party to the max, and there’s no shame in enjoying these maneuvers.

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