CLICK AND LISTEN IT reviews Annalibera’s single “Black Cat White Cat”

Latvia-based CLICK AND LISTEN IT reviews Annalibera‘s single “Black Cat White Cat” from their forthcoming debut album Nevermind I Love You, out on vinyl and digital formats from Sump Pump Records on Marc 24th.

Recalling Emir Kusturica’s hilarious to sorowful movie Black Cat, White Cat, following act seems drawing similar senses and experiences one’s had and seen going like clockwork. Annalibera, Des Moines, Iowa based trio, getting off the vulturous, all-consuming things and being influenced by more sophisticated ones, fashioned their debut single, Black Cat White Cat, sound astonishing at the full blast and tuned low due classick rock mood that doesn’t stop to rebel along angelic yet strong vocals you might catch in your heart. If you’ve got spelled, look after their next steps, including debut release Nevermind I Love You to be out soon.

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