Annalibera’s “Love In A Recession” song of the day on Aimless Skylarking

Aimless Skylarking picks Annalibera‘s new single “Love In A Recession” as song of the day!

My grandmother came from a big family during The Great Depression. She had 10 siblings, each seemingly born about 9 months apart…Never have I met a thriftier bunch of folks, nothing was ever tossed away. ..She also had a wicked sense of humor about it all, she’d make jokes about how her brothers had only one thing to play with as kids. And being poor was the reason why she had so many siblings, it’s what people did back then. That’s why Annalibera’s new song, ‘Love In A Recession’ struck a chord, if not my funny bone. Don’t make me spell it out for you, listen for yourself.


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